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Geeks with incredible enthusiasm for movies, art, tv, cosplay, games, and all things geek.


GeekTyrant is your source for geek culture. Get the hottest news on movies, gaming, art, music and more, and let GeekTyrant take you inside events like Comic-Con, Sundance, E3 and more…


Burbank & Hollywood are the home to Disney, Marvel, NBC, WB, Universal, Dreamworks, MGM, Fox, and Paramount. GeekTyrant is based where movies are made.


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Founded in April of 2008 by an All Volunteer Staff, we do this for the love of movies, games, and tv. 

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(Updated November 1st, 2014)

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GeekTyrant has been linked to, mentioned by, and featured on IGN, io9, StarWars•com, ScreenRant, JoBlo, Ain’t It Cool, SlashFilm, First Showing, VH-1, Superherohype, and many other movie websites.

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GeekTyrant has attended the following events and festivals as accredited members of the press: Sundance Film Festival, San Diego Comic-Con, Los Angeles Film Festival, AFI Film Festival, E3, and Wondercon.