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Exclusive Interview: Actress Kathryn Le Vs. Brian S

Interview by brians



Kathryn Le is a young up and coming talent. She's a triple-double triple threat. She acts, owns her own clothing line, she's funny, she has done motivational speaking and guys be intimidated, not only is she pretty but she is smart, very smart! She recently took some time with me and we talked about her recent film projects, her clothing line and where we can find it and we even talked about Christmas. So check out what she had to say and enjoy and be on the lookout for Kathryn Le folks!


Brian  S- Hi Kathryn we meet again, just kidding first time here folks! Kathryn how does someone like you with a Master's Degree in Counseling end up in acting? I'm very impressed and intimidated at the same time! Which means i'm really confused!


Kathryn Le- I graduated from Cal State Fullerton with a B.A. in Communications and then I attended Loyola Marymount University and graduated with a Master’s in Counseling but acting has always been my first love! I started my acting career taking anything presented to me like commercials, music videos and then movies.


Brian  S- Let’s talk 'Command Performance', this is out on DVD right now, right? Tell us a little about this action flick! Dolph Lundgren directed this, right?


Kathryn Le-  Yes, it was great working with Dolph! He's very talented and even has directed a few of his own movies! In Command Performance, he plays a drummer with a military background (he used to be an agent). When the Russian Premier is held hostage,  Dolph is there to save the day.


Brian  S- Ok, let's get to some more movie talk now! You have 'Ninja' coming up! What can you tell us about Ninja and your character?


Kathryn Le-  We shot Ninja in Sofia, Bulgaria. The cast and crew was absolutely sweet! My character, Kiko, is one of the martial arts students, and I play the love interest of Scott Adkins character "Casey". We are all in a martial arts training class, and an ex classmate gets kicked out of the dojo and wants to seek out revenge. Ninja comes out on March 5th, 2010


Brian  S- Next we have 'Good Guys Finish Last' aka the story of Brian  S (just kidding), I always lean more towards the dark side! What would you like to share about this and the role you have in it? Are you breaking hearts in this Kathryn? Please say no!


Kathryn Le- I play Hi Askite and I am what you'd call a (wing girl). I help a guy who found out his wife was cheating on him get back out there and not have such the good guy persona, so I’m his wing girl! Ahaha!


Brian  S- You are in Ford Austin's 'Falling Down' and he's a pretty cool dude! How was this experience for you and what can you tell us about it and your character?


Kathryn Le- Working with Ford Austin was intense! In the film, I play Mia Chong who is a prostitute seeking revenge. Ha! The film is about a married man dealing with his demons and trying to get rid of them. The film has some very intense moments. It's very emotional at times and has some brutal abusing scenes also.


Brian  S- Ok, Kathryn moving now to 'Valentine's Day', how was it working with a legend like Garry Marshall?


Kathryn Le-  Oh! Working with Garry Marshall was very intimidating. I am very honored to work with a legendary director such as him. The film is going to be huge! There are over 300 actors in the cast of Valentine's Day! This is a great comedy! It was a lot of fun to be able to work with big stars! The movie will be out in theaters February 14, 2010.


Brian  S- Moving on to more familiar territory for me! You are going to be in Tim Sullivan's '2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams'! What can you tell us about this highly anticipated sequel due out in 2010 and the character you play?


Kathryn Le-2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams will have more blood, more guts, more gore, more hot chicks and hot guys! I play China Rose, who the Maniacs have brought in to do Chinese laundry, cooking, and help with chores. Ahaha! It's just funny doing the stereotyped character like that, we have a lot of this in Maniacs 2. China Rose is very sexy, cute, funny,  maniac killer so she fits right in! She’s a Maniac but very quirky and seems sweet and innocent at the same time! Evil is lurking, hunayy! Ha!


Brian  S- Yall filmed in Iowa, what kind of experience did you have making Maniacs 2?


Kathryn Le- The experience was cool, all of the people were nice and very welcoming! It did rain a couple of times and we had to adjust shoots which could got hectic, but it all worked out. I got allergies every night shoot we had to do in Iowa. Don't tell anyone but i only got one bug bite! Ha!

Brian  S- You get to work with my favorite director Tim Sullivan and cool people like Christa Campbell, a legend in the horror industry like Bill Moseley and even Jar Jar Binks himself, Ahmed Best, what was it like? A day in the life of a Maniac?


Kathryn Le- Christa introduced me to Tim and he is brilliant! I love working with a director with a creative mind and one that is open to your opinions and ideas as well. Ahmed Best plays Crow, another new Maniac recruit. He sings and plays the acoustic guitar in the movie. He is very sweet and funny! Bill Moseley takes over the reigns of Mayor Buckman who was previously portrayed by Robert Englund! Bill makes this role his own! Bill was great to work with.  He would be the one cheering people up and making them laugh when the shoots would get long and stressful! I was also honored to work with Lin Shaye as well.


Brian  S- Ok Kathryn, is there anything you'd like to ask or tell your fans out there? Come on! Don't be shy? Are you gonna take me to a Lakers game? I'm kidding.....maybe!


Kathryn Le- I want to say thanks to the fans! Thank you fans! Hope more people check out my work! It's looking good for you Brian! Ha! No, I'm at the Lakers games but I'm working them! I'm usually meeting with the buyer and seeing what sells and doesn't, chit chatting it up with everyone, pushing my designs and I have girls walking around with my designs at the Lakers games. It's called Starlette Apparel. My biggest clients are the L.A. Lakers and Maloof Companies! People can check out my designs at or visit the store at the Staples Center and the Palms Casino. They can also find me at


Brian  S- So when are you gonna take me a to a Red Carpet event?


Kathryn Le- Umm, "Whateva yu like I du fo yu!” Ha!


Brian  S- Inside joke yall! But i'll take you up on that Kathryn!


Brian   S- What do you want for Christmas?


Kathryn Le-  Umm, a fortune cookie factory and Johnny Depp! Ha!


Brian  S- Johnny Depp huh! Time to step up my A game! Ha!


Brian  S- Well thanks Kathryn for your time, you are very cool and very pretty! I wish you much luck and success in all you do!


Kathryn Le- Thanks! You too! Happy holidays!


*Pictures courtesy of Kathryn Le*


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