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Exclusive Interview: Actress Dani Lennon Vs. Brian S


Actress Dani Lennon has been performing since she left the womb (I love saying that when given the chance). Not only is she a geeks dream girl but she is the outdoors type as well.  She loves all things sci-fi and horror except for zombies so this is where I come in, I'll protect you Dani. She has several hot projects going on right now with lots more planned for 2011. Check out my latest "Versus" to learn more about horror's newest "hot chick" and my latest crush, Dani Lennon.


Brian  S-  First off Dani, tell me how you got into acting?

Dani Lennon- I loved to perform since I came out of the womb! I started performing as a singer professionally at the age of 11. I sang in concert halls across Europe and eventually Carnegie Hall in New York. That inevitably led to my love of the stage and theatre. I was extremely lucky to do a lot of theatre and Independent film in Chicago before I moved to Los Angeles.

Brian  S-  How much fun is it doing a web series like this?

Dani Lennon- Are you f-ing kidding me, it's a show about Zombies! It
was so action packed and hilarious. I had a blast! "Bite Me" hands
down was the most fun I have ever had on a set. Sets can be stressful
but that was not the case with "Bite Me." Our director, Jarrett Lee
Conaway is such an actor's director and really understands and
communicates well with his cast. . The crew was very engaging and
outstanding to work with. My fellow cast members were the most down to earth and humble individuals. We immediately felt a bond, enjoyed each other's company, and truly had a good time working with one another. I could not have asked for a more enjoyable project.  Research and prepping for a role can be the best part of a project. I had a great
time preparing for "Shawna". It was a bit of challenge for me. Being
an actress I personally have to find a gut reaction, something in
common I have with that character in order to inhabit that person's
life, that world. She may seem materialistic, and self absorbed, which
is not me at all.  I identify with her in the sense that there is more
than meets the eye with Shawna.  She's craving a chance to grow and be
more than a waitress at a seedy restaurant. Her facade and defense
mechanisms will have to be stripped away if she wants to survive this
zombie apocalypse.

Brian  S-  How cool is it being attached to an actual Dracula film?

Dani Lennon- It honestly feels very cool to be a part of a Dracula film. He is an iconic monster in folklore and in the film world. He's the original vampire, one of the very first legends that gave you nightmares and kept you up at night.  Growing up loving the horror genre, this was a real treat for me. Especially playing a modern version of Dr. Seward who was originally a man. To take a new spin on Dr. Seward as a young and tough yet loving, voice of reason and personal friend to Lina and Johnathon Harker was cool and a bit bad
ass :)

Brian  S-  Are you a horror fan? Would you do a romantic film or
anything like that?

Dani Lennon- I am a HUGE horror fan! I am the geekiest Sci-Fi and
horror fan. Growing up my family did not shelter me from horror films.
I was introduced to every genre of horror (good and bad) and thus, my
appreciation developed.  We all know sometimes the bad horror movies
are the best!  I would do a romantic film or a period piece. I
specialize in a few accents and would love to put that to use in a
romantic period piece or a musical. I am more drawn to Sci-Fi,
adventures, epics, action films, and guy humor like the "Hangover" or
"Tenacious D Pick of Destiny".

Brian  S- What's your favorite horror movie?

Dani Lennon-  "28 Days Later." That film still gives me heart palpitations. I personally am terrified of Zombies! That is why I was so excited to be a part of Bite Me. I was not acting in that series.
Zombies have always scared the Be-Jesus out of me. I can handle paranormal, gore slasher, vampires, werewolves, psychological and such…but not Zombies.

Brian  S-  Tell me about some upcoming projects you are in.

Dani Lennon-  In November I wrapped another hysterical series entitled "The Casting Office". It's 30 Rock meets the Office/Tropic Thunder about the shenanigans revolving around a casting office in Hollywood. Being an actress I can certainly appreciate behind the scenes and insight into the lives of the people that hire us actors. I have always been curious as to what happens when you leave the audition room. This series promises to be fall off your seat funny, completely poking fun at the Industry. It's great to be apart of a project where
I could embrace not taking myself too seriously. Last week I just wrapped an independent film entitled "Son of Efron". A dramedy surrounding the lives of a non-traditional Jewish family as they approach a newborn's Briss.  After the death of the matriarch, the Zinkins struggle with modern times vs. traditional customs of family past and present in a hilarious and heartwarming occasion.  Currently I have been auditioning for great television series and films, and am in strong consideration for a couple of projects. Due to the interest of "Bite Me" I have been taking meetings and reading a few scripts and am very excited to see what 2011 will bring.

Brian  S-  Who would you like to work with? What would your dream gig/role be?

Dani Lennon- There is no shortage of incredible actors and actresses in this industry, so to choose one is difficult. I'd like to work with Morgan Freeman, Josh Brolin, Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon, Ryan Gosling to name a few. Actresses I would love to work opposite would be Anne Hathaway, Rachel Weiss, Amy Adams, Natalie Portman, Cate
Blanchett….and the list goes on :)   My dream role would be anything action packed such as a western, period epic, Sci-Fi action adventure or Elphaba in "Wicked"! I would love a chance to put my fight skills
and athleticism to good use.

Brian  S-  What do you do for fun? do you have any hobbies?

Dani Lennon- I do have quite a few hobbies but the ones I most enjoy
are horseback riding (I currently ride most forms of Western and
English), so I am an Equestrian. I am an adrenaline junky/outdoorsman
so I love to shoot firearms, hike, fish, camp, and work out (yoga and
boxing). I am an art and history nerd (don't get it twisted I'm still
a full on geek) so I really love to travel and visit museums.

Brian  S-  Um, geeks or nerds? Right answer please!

Dani Lennon- That's easy, Geeks! Geeks rule, Nerds drool…in other
words a geek has a better chance of getting laid.

Brian  S-  Where can the cool peeps reading this find you on the net?

Dani Lennon-  The cool peeps should check out shows "Bite Me", Dead End City, and soon "Casting Office" are all there. Also, they can check out my personal site and some of my work is on IMDB. Don't forget my fan site on Facebook.

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