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Exclusive Interview: Actor Rodney Azgoroth Hall (From THE WALKING DEAD) Vs. Brian S


Rodney Azgoroth Hall  who portrays a zombie maybe two, maybe even five on AMC's hit TV series The Walking Dead let me pick his "brains" no pun intended. This guy has more in the works for us too including a film with Owen Wilson and he fills me in on some of his other upcoming projects plus a few  that are top secret and the fact he wants more zombie action for TWD Season 2. check out my latest "Versus" and find out more about Rodney Azgoroth Hall.

Brian  S- First off Rodney, you just got into the biz this year. Tell me how this happened!

RAH- That’s right just got into the movie biz this year. There really is no way to describe it..Lets just say I have found my passion in life...


Brian  S- Ok, you're in this little  hit on AMC called The Walking Dead. Tell me a little about your experience.

RAH- A little’s a huge hit..But you know that..The experience with TWD has been great. I have to admit it was totally cool to see the scenes I was in on TV.


Brian  S- Can you tell me any fun story that happened on set?

RAH- It was awesome to portray more than one zombie...It really was like playing different characters...For example, during the rain scene in episode 2 I was more into character than a previous scene just shuffling down the loved every minute of it...


Brian  S- Can you tell me any fun story that happened on set?

RAH- No, not really..


Brian  S- Season two has been green lit, are you hoping to return in zombie form?

RAH- Yayyyyyy for season two!!!!  I really and truly hope they call me back..I would love to work them again..The cast and crew were amazing...


Brian  S- What other projects are you involved in?

RAH- I have worked on several projects this year..The first movie I was involved with was Hall Pass starring Owen Wilson, what a great guy he is..Franklin and Bash, Vampire Diaries, Lost Valentine with Betty White..I have also worked with Tyler Perry, participated in a few tapings of Swift Justice starring Nancy Grace...Their are several more projects that I cant talk about due to conf..



Brian  S- Do you attend conventions or film fests?

RAH- I have not been invited to do any conventions or festivals but I would love to....


Brian  S- Would you like to say anything to the cool fans out there? Especially The Walking dead fans?

RAH- To TWD Fans....Keep watching the show, Everyone is working their asses off to give the fans exactly what they want!!!!


Rodney invites all the zombie fans and fans of The Walking Dead to find him on Facebook, click here and shoot him a friend request!

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