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Exclusive Interview: Actor Will Blagrove (How Do You Know) Vs. Brian S


A Queens, New York native, Will Blagrove started out as a Pre-Law graduate
from St. John’s University, but after creating and starring in his own
theater productions, and being elected Vice President of the school’s
theatre community, he couldn’t shake his passion for acting, so he
headed for Hollywood and hasn’t looked back.

Blagrove was thrilled at the chance to show off his comedy chops,
especially in such amazing company, commenting, “"Working with James L. Brooks
and Owen Wilson, and the rest of the cast was a really rewarding experience.
Owen always gave me something to work off of, and he's hilarious, both
on and off the set."

Check out my latest "Versus" and find out more about Will Blagrove and How Do you Know.


Brian  S-  First off Will, how did you get involved with How Do You Know?

WB- My manager got me an audition, I went in for the role of Doug,
and didn't hear anything for about a month, so I forgot about it.
Then one day got a phone call, the rest is history.


Brian  S-  This is such a great fun cast, do you have any cool dirt on Owen
Wilson or Paul Rudd? Come on man! And, Reese Witherspoon is kinda
cute!  I'm just saying.

WB- The day Reese Witherspoon came on set and she introduced herself
to me, she literally said, "Hi I'm Reese Witherspoon," and I thought:
"is she joking, of course I know who she is" and I said, "Hey I'm Will
Blagrove."  But that just goes to show how humble she is, doesn't
assume. Even though she's an academy award-winning star.  I must say
though, any woman who buys the entire set Rita’s famous ice’s on a
scorching hot day in Philly is an awesome chick.  And did I mention
she’s even hotter in person.


Brian  S-  How was it filming this movie? Laid back or one of the
serious movie sets?

WB- I'd say it was laid back.  Everyone was really comfortable and

Jim didn't rush scenes.  Sometimes he'd come running over with a spur
of the moment feeling, and give you a line to say.  We'd try it real
quick, and then he'd say "Let's shoot it!"


Brian  S-  Tell me some details about your character?

WB- Doug is a professional baseball player and friend to Manny (Owen
Wilson's character).  He's that friend that thinks before he speaks,
real man of few words, but when he does comment, he really summates
the situation, in one word.  He's very shall I say, "intriguing."

Brian  S-  What do you prefer, comedy or ...?

WB- Usually I’m cast in dramas, which is why I was excited to tackle
the role of Doug in a comedy.


Brian  S-  You've voiced some video games, that's pretty cool man! Tell

me a little about these.

WB- I’ve gone from playing a tough cop with an attitude, to the
pedestrian getting robbed in a series of Rockstar Video games.  It’s a
lot of fun, I’ve been doing voiceovers for years and I love it.
People think it’s easy to walk in the studio and just talk, but I
gotta say, it’s pretty demanding vocally.  One recording track may
require you to be screaming at the top of your lungs, and then the
next needs even more intensity.  Pretty easy formula to lose your
voice if you’re not a professional.  Nonetheless it’s still a blast,
especially when you see the finished product like Grand Theft Auto:
Liberty City!


Brian  S-  Ok, being on set with two living legends like Jack Nicholson
and James L. Brooks...was it ever intimidating for you?

WB- Being on set with these living legends would have naturally been
intimidating but ironically I never got the chance to work directly
with Jack.  He was always off when I was working, although I welcome
that opportunity one day.  And with Jim, he wrote & directed How Do
You Know, so I just stayed open to whatever he suggested, and
naturally hoped he found me funny.

Brian  S-  What's up next for you, Will?

WB- Next up, I star in a drama called Cost of a Soul.  It's an indie
feature about two soldiers who return home from the war in Iraq to the
streets of Philly only to find out a new war has begun.  It just
premiered at the Hollywood Film Festival & is currently seeking
distribution. Check out the trailer at, the film
is a must see.

Brian  S-  Would you like to say anything else to our cool readers
checking this out?

WB- Anything is possible.  Growing up with very traditional parents,
acting was not a realistic goal, becoming an attorney was.  But I
stuck to what I was passionate about, and Friday December 17, 2010, my
dream will become a reality.  Never give up!


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