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Exclusive Interview:Director/Actress Robyn Griggs Vs. Brian S

Interview Horror by brians

Over the weekend actress turned director Robyn Griggs took a time out of her busy schedule and let me ask her a few questions. Ranging from her favorite movies to her music cd releasing this summer  to the project she is in the process of getting off the ground we get to dive head first into the world of the beautiful Robyn Griggs and some cool information on how you can be a part of her upcoming project and directorial!


Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Robyn Griggs first started acting at age 3 in a production of A Dolls House. During her school years, she took up singing as well as dancing lessons wanting to have more experience for stage work. While still in school, Robyn traveled to New York where she auditioned for a role in the Broadway production of Annie. After being called back several times and being the size for the role of Molly in the play 'Annie', Robyn was contacted by a New York City agency that started her career in TV. She started appearing in several TV commercials, and then went on to other theater work across the USA and even landed the role of 'Annie' in off-Broadway shows and she was still only 13. She even hosted the TV show "Rated K" which aired on Nickelodeon.

As a teenager, Robyn was a fine actress, but a mediocre student in school. Robyn always had problems concentrating in class and was forced to hire a tutor to help her keep up with her grades. She took time off from acting to concentrate on high school, but did return to acting now and then. Her first real TV role was the role of Stephanie Hobart on the daytime soap opera "One Life to Live" on ABC from 1991 to 1992. During that time, she also acted on Broadway at the Minskoff Theater. After finally graduating from high school, she tried making it in the Los Angeles acting world. She didn't like it due to the pressure and soon went back to New York where she landed another TV role in playing the rebellious teenage Maggie Cory on the daytime soap opera "Another World" on NBC. After almost three years of playing the role, Robyn signed a demo deal with RCA Records. Worn out by years of constant acting on daytime soap operas by day and theater in the afternoon and at night, the blond, blue-eyed Robyn took time off to spend it with her parents.

After some years out of the public eye, Robyn returned to acting in 2001 by appearing in several independent, grade-B, made-for-video horror/thriller flicks such as Abattoir (2001), and Ghost Tour (2003) for deepkut productions. She also appeared in Minds of Terror (2003), Zombiegeddon (2003), Project 187 (2003), The Urn (2003), Demon Hunters (2003), Aberration Boulevard (2001), Severe Injuries (2003), Dead Clowns (2003), The Absence of Light (2004), Dead Planet (2004), and several others. Robyn Griggs currently lives in Akron, Ohio and tours with various horror film conventions across the country, as well as doubling as a producer and promoter for a number of low-budget independent horror films, and acting in them as well. She also finished recording her first CD, "Love's Young Nightmare".


Brian  S- Hi Robyn, how did you get in to the acting world?

Robyn- I started early at the age of 3, my brother-in-law was a teacher and also a director ofthe high shcool plays, he asked me if I would want to be in a play after he saw me perform at a nursery school presentation, and I said yes...of course with my parents approval. I grew up on stage and wouldn't change a thing about that : ). I do think stage is the best discipline. You have to perform live and memorize. Without my stage background , the soaps would have been impossible for me. When I was on NBC/ Another World and ABC/ One Life To Live, I had to memorize a different script each day so I definately credit my stage upbringing for that...


Brian  S- What is a typical day in the life of Robyn Griggs?

Robin- I am pretty boring to be honest... I usually get up around 6 am to take out my great danes and my bulldog mix, then the youngest great dane expects me to of course lie down on the couch with him. Then I am immediately onlne working on preparation for my directing debut, "The Squad". i am trying hard to raise donations to cover the budget, so I have been just working my butt off to make it happen. I kind of am a work-a-holic, I love every aspect of the business. Throughout the day I am trying to get everything organized and honestly I am pretty normal. I wear sweats and t-shirts, flip flops and no makeup. I love MMA and I love beer, but I have to start dieting for production...hehehe 

Brian  S- What have been your most favorite on screen experiences so far? Any cool stories?

Robyn- I have been lucky to have had many great experiences, too many to pick one. I think each production, I take some memories with me that I wil always cherish.

Brian  S- What is your favorite genre of movie and do you have a "guilty pleasure movie" that you just can't seem to gt enough of?

Robyn- I love horror movies, low budget mainly. I think my favorite movies are the more independent horror movies, where they had to make it work with no budget and just with what they have. I think the more simple, the better. I tend to get scared from paranormal movies more than any others... LOVE THEM!

Brian  S- Ok, you have a special project that you're working on right now called 'The Squad', what can you tell us about this?

Robyn- this is my directing debut, I wanted to do a teenage slasher type movie with that old 70's style horror vibe. Just something that scares everyone of all ages. I have cast Trent Haaga to be the male lead in the film and this is all taking form. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to do this, I feel blessed and I just really love the genre so much. i hope I do it justice. all i can do is try my best to make a great movie and to make the fans jump : )
*For more information on Robyn's project 'The Squad'  hit the links at the bottom and learn how you can be a part of the movie making process!*

Brian  S- Let me know if you need another victim for the movie, because I do love playing the victim!


Robyn- Always need victims..hehe


Brian  S- What else can you share with us?

Robyn-  Well, I am a complete klutz,  seems like anytime I try to be domestic, I get injured..
On a professional note, I do have my first solo cd being released this summer, very excited about the cd, great music and my cover art was done by comic artist Josh Medors, he's a dear friend and I just am honored to have his art involved in the project. Look for that late summer as well.

Brian  S- What would you like to say to the fans out there? And also to the people pursuing their dreams?

Robyn- All I can tell anyone is to do your best,  dont give up and be honest with your career. I see many people make the mistake of trying to pamper their resumes and glorify what they have done.  If you are in this business and it is your passion,  there is no need to do that,  you need to be happy with every project you do,  find a way to take even the most miserable situation and make it work for you.   Don't let people tell you no...put yourself in a position to say no to them;)

"Follow your Dreams, wherever they lead you"  don't give up, just go for what you want and be kind to all.  Many actors seem to forget the crew is the reason we are able to look good on camera and without them, you dont have anything.  Be true to your art, but yet be true to yourself.  Treat everyone how you would want to be treated and magic happens :)

One more thing, I was very fortunate to have family that really kept me grounded and I feel very blessed for that.  Take criticism and use it to your advantage..its free advice!

Dont give up ever,  do what you want to do, but only if you can give 150%.

Brian  S- Wow! Thanks Robyn and I look forward to drinking beer with you! On a serious note good luck with your upcoming projects, especially 'The Squad' and thanks so much for your time!


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