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Exclusive Interview: Director Robert Kurtzman Vs. Brian S

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Robert Kurtzman has such an impressive resume it's really hard to find a place to start. He is a make-up artist and FX master, he directs, he writes and produces. I can just about guarantee you have seen a movie sometime that has his signature on it, such as the Spy Kids movies to lending his hand to the Hulk, From Dusk till Dawn, Scream, even Boogie Nights and now he's back behind the camera bringing us the action film Deadly Impact which stars Sean Patrick Flanery and Joe Pantoliano. Mr. Kurtzman has already made his impressive mark in Hollywood and recently I caught up with him to ask him a few questions about his work and what's next.

Check out the trailer for Deadly Impact!

Brian  S- You have such an impressive resume before we dive into what's going on right now I have to ask, What's your favorite gig? Directing, writing, producing, make-up or FX?

RK- Directing….It’s all encompassing and once I’m in prep pretty much the only thing I can concentrate on.  I still like doing all the other stuff especially the FX work but directing is by far the most challenging and rewarding job.

Brian  S- You directed Deadly Impact, what can you tell us about this film and when we can look for it?

RK- The Film came out April 20th on DVD. It was made for MGM home video and is being distributed through Fox. Its an action thriller starring Sean Patrick Flanery and Joe Pantoliano. It was produced by my good friend David Greathouse who I’d worked with as FX producer on the Horror Chronicles films which included Buried Alive which I directed. The film revolves around a police officer (Sean Flanery) in Albuquerque NM who has been tracking down a mastermind assassin (Joey Pants) working for the S. American drug cartels. The assassins nicknamed The Lion and his weapon of choice is explosives.  Sean plays Tom Armstrong, who’s life has been shattered by The Lion and years later he is given the chance to set things right after The Lion resurfaces to finish the job he never completed. They play  a tense game of cat and mouse.  We shot the film in 24 days in NM. It was written by Alex Vesha who is another Ohioan. We handled all the post effects and edited the picture at my studio. Andrew Sagar who cut The Rage for me cut the picture and did a terrific job.

Brian  S- You have a pretty strong duel lead with Sean Patrick Flannery and Joe Pantoliano, how was it working with them?     Did you get to call Mr. Pantoliano Joey Pants?

RK-  Great ! They are both terrific actors and brought a great vibe to the film, Sean as our tortured hero and Joey as the twisted villain. Joey infused his character with a demented sense of humor. The Lion cant except losing to anyone and has never left a job uncompleted. I can’t say enough about working with Sean, he is top notch and a very prepared actor who comes to set full tilt and no bullshit. I can’t wait to work with him again! Yes we called Joey….Pants, but most of the time just Joey.

Brian  S- Ok you have just recently worked with Jennifer Lynch on Hisss and I'm dying to see this movie! I've seen the trailer and this looks creepy as hell! Can you tell us anything about this, your involvement and when we might get to see it?

RK-  I supervised the creature and make-up FX and we are currently in post production. Im not sure of the release dates or how it will be launched. We shot the film in India and its in Hindi. Its a foreign film with great crossover potential.  Jennifer Lynch is a terrific writer/director who inspired me every minute we worked together. She brought reel energy and was like a general leading the troops through a treacherous journey. Since making the film we’ve become good friends and I cant wait to do another film with her. Shes a blast!

Brian  S- You have truly done so many things in the film industry, is there anything that you haven't done but would like to?

RK- Take a vacation! Really I’m happy to continue working in the industry. I love directing and doing the FX work….I’m not really interested in doing anything aside from working in the entertainment industry.

Brian  S- You have a huge following, is there anything you want to tell the fans out there?

RK- Thanks for all the support and I hope you enjoy my new film.

Aside from Deadly Impact keep an eye out for Ra-One which is a Bollywood film we are currently in production on creating superhero suits and we just started  FX production on two horror films, Jinn and Sucker which will be out later next year. We have a film we produced at P13 with writer/director Ed Douglas of Midnight Syndicate coming out in July. We also just launched a new product line for the haunted attraction industry at this years Transworld show and you can check out all the creepy creations at our newly launched website.

Thanks everyone!

Brian  S- Thank you sir for your time, you are a true legend and we'll be checking out Deadly Impact( in stores everywhere) and I personally can't wait for Hisss and everything else you have going on down the road!


Robert Kurtzman's very impressive IMDB page

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