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Exclusive Interview: Actress Devanny Pinn Vs. Brian S

Interview Horror by brians

Actress Devanny Pinn is a talent through and through. She not only acts in our beloved horror movie genre but she models, has a great sense of humor and is a proud fellow Christian! This awesome Scream Queen took sometime with me to talk about anything from how she got into the business, being a Christian in a field where it is a very touchy subject to some, to her love for nerds and geeks (I have a chance y'all) all the way to just about stealing my heart! No seriously this beautiful vixen literally tried to take my heart out of my man chest! Gotta watch out for these Scream Queens sometimes! Check out our fun interview...

Brian  S- How did you get into the horror movie biz?

Devanny- I opened the door :)

Brian  S- Would you ever consider doing like a comedy or maybe The Notebook 2 or are you at home with the horror genre?


Devanny- I'm trying to stay away from comedy, I strongly prefer gore sense of humor is a bit warped. Although The Notebook 2 sounds pretty scary, i might consider that. Horror is my passion, my art and what id love my career to mainly consist of. I am branching out a bit to do Thrillers and Scifi, but i think that's as much as i would like to stray.

Brian  S- What do you like to do in your spare time you know for fun?


Devanny- Kill people. Run through the woods 1/2 naked and know, the usual. Actually I really do not have a lot of free time. I have been very blessed recently to be working a lot and whenever I am not working, I am working on getting more work. Anything I do in free time these days that doesn't directly relate to furthering my career  is something I consider to be of limited importance. I do however, find serious joy in my other passion- charity work. I founded an organization called Scream For A Cause that creates genre related charitable events. We are working on our next one right now- a costume drive for underprivledged and hospitalized children. We are hoping to bring our awesome holiday (Halloween) to those who may not otherwise be able to have a Trick R Treating experience.

Brian  S- You have done quite a few horror movies, what actor,actress or director would you like to work with in the future?


Devanny- Well, the top of my list recently was the Debbie Rochon. I am very excited to say that I just signed onto a project with her- can not talk about it yet but next Fall its on! Also really hoping to work one day with Sarah Michelle Gellar, Robert Englund, Wes Craven, Rob Zombie, and Jamie Lee Curtis.

Brian  S- How do you like being called one of today's Scream Queens?


Devanny- When I first started, I was thrilled. Now, it seems that any female who does a film..or not even, who likes horror a lot is being given the title. I do not go out of my way to acknowledge being a Scream Queen now, but I do appreciate the people who have seen my work, or worked with me who feel that I have genuinely earned it. I'm hoping with a couple of the strong, powerful women that are surfacing in our genre, we will be able to make acting in horror films a more respected and appreciated career.

Brian  S- You are a follower of Christ, me too! Please tell us more!


Devanny- Yay! I could talk all day about this. I really put myself out on a limb and decided to be very public about my faith. Naturally, there is always someone who tries to bring you down and as an actress in horror, obviously I get a lot of crap for it. However, since then I have been pleasantly surprised to find just how many people in the genre or who like the genre are followers and believers. I struggled with being the "model Christian" AND embracing all my passions and artistic outlets. Eventually what God showed me is that he created everyone to be different on purpose. What one person understands to be the "correct and proper" way to lead your life may be completely different than what the next person believes. I enjoy Christian music and a couple years ago I went to a weekend concert where a few bands I like were going to play. I remember there was a pretty intense rapper followed by a Gothic looking heavy metal band performing. I remember thinking to myself "who let these people in here???" How could they be so disrespectful at what is supposed to be a religious music event? Then i listened to the words and it dawned on me that they were being who they were and expressing their faith and love in THEIR way. I think society is so busy telling us who to be, that we forget to be ourselves. Me= I love God and i love cinematic gore. They make me who I am and I'm proud of and involved in both.

Brian  S- You are a very busy little girl this year, tell us what projects you have going on! What can we look for next!


Devanny- Wow ok... I have been involved in so many wonderful projects. 15 Till Midnight is my first sci/fi thriller...and it's really good. That should be done late summer/fall so watch for that. Trial by Terror is a horror anthology that I star in and is almost finished. Sneak peek of that will be hitting festivals this summer. Diary of Death and Bad Girls Burn in Hell are more hardcore horror/brutal so if that is your thing you will love those. I have a pretty awesome torture scene in one and play an Egyptian goddess in the other. I am attached to several films in various stages of development: Axe to Grind, Night of the Living Dead: Ressurection, Bram Stokers Romeo + Juliet, and Hellstorm to name a few so check back. Movies set to debut soon are 12-24, The Los Angeles Ripper, Orgy of Blood and of course Piranha 3-D.

              Devanny From the set of Piranha 3D

Brian  S- Ok i  have to ask, Piranha 3D will be out late summer and you're in it. How bloody is this actually going to be? we have seen the pics! Can you tell me if you become fish bait?


Devanny- Well I am not usually interested in Hollywood's attempt at horror..cuz lets be honest it usually sucks. However, when my modeling agent called me looking for "hot chics" for Piranha... well i rolled my eyes and then curiosity got the best of me. I did not audition and wanted to be an extra just to watch the big boys make a movie and check out the differences. I became one of the featured bikini babes and we filmed for a week at various locations while they recreated what was supposed to be spring break. I ended up getting bumped up by the directors and turned into a "wet tshirt contestant". Again I was not thrilled, especially since i was the only one who wasn't a Playboy model. BUT i quickly found out that this was going to put me right smack in the middle of all the bloody action. I am sure you have seen photos of the stage with a bunch of girls on it and tons of boats= they pumped 100's of gallons of blood into that set. It was a massacre!! A lot of the extras and several of the actors were grossed out, weirded out etc. Oh man..i was SOO giddy. I should have known better then to second guess Alex Aja... it very possibly could be the bloodiest scene in cinematic history. (spoiler) I do end up fish bait, and what was cool about that is after they saw that I knew how to die well, they put me in many shots. So I die like 10 times in various places all over that scene it is pretty freakin awesome. So yah Piranha 3-D- you wanna check it out. I know there has been a lot of hype, but believe me it delivers.

Brian  S- Will you be appearing at any Conventions this year? Can we hangout?


Devanny- I used to attend Con's with Troma once in awhile as I am one of their "Tromettes", but I am going to a lot of cons this year. Last year was more about pumping out film after film and this next year i will be making the rounds to promote them. In particular i want to plug the SAC Horror Fest- they are having me and my parner in horror crime Tara Cardinal up as special guests and spokeswomen for the Charity Costume Drive (Big thanks to Comic Book Divas). Will also be a guest at Viscera, to support all the women in horror filmmaking. You can check my website soon for all my upcoming Horror, Comic and Festival appearances. I love to meet and hang out with the fans...all except Brian S. :) Haha just kidding, your a favorite of mine!

Brian  S- Ok Devanny, to all the horror fans out there, do you have anything you'd like to say to them?


Devanny- You all are the coolest people!! I adore you. Big thanks to anyone who supports horror, indie film and my passion projects. Oh and GeekTyrant. They are good people. Did you know, I have a thing for geeks? (blushes) Some girls like cocky guys, jocks etc...not me, I like geeks and nerds! Really, I get kind of intimidated by them.

Brian  S- Just to let you know I'm free for any and all red or black carpet events! I make great arm candy and i can behave in public!


Devanny- Hm, the last guy who offered ended up wearing a leash and collar and holding my purse. But then again he didn't know how to behave in public ;) Might have to try you out Brian, assuming you can be a good boy.

Brian  S- Thank you Devanny! Keep cranking out the movies and I want to see them piranhas take a big theatrical 3D bite out of you this summer! I can definately behave myself in public when motivated so it's on like Donkey Kong girl!

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