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Exclusive Interview: Actress Jessica Cameron Vs. Brian S

Jessica Cameron is an up and coming young actress who is every director and film crews dream! Her outgoing and fun personality sets her above others and it sells her at a higher level. She is as funny as she is beautiful and recently took a time out and let me inside her fun world. We talk about how she got into acting all the way to what kind of movie she likes to wind down to. Did I mention she's easy on the eyes? Oh yeah!

Brian  S- Hi Jessica, so how did you get into the acting biz?

JC- It's an ironic story actually.
I was hired at a clothing company for my first "real" job after school.
At my first year end review I was informed that I spoke too quickly
(apparently this was a major issue even though speaking is roughly 5% of my job).
When I couldn't find a speaking class my boss suggested I take an acting class.
I did and the bug was bitten. For 2 years I just took classes and had a BLAST.
My teacher kept bugging me to go out and audition and I held off since I already was working a lot at my day job. I finally did an audition and haven't stopped since.
I did get the role that I first auditioned for, in the feature film The Dead Matter.
The Dead Matter is going to be released in July and stars Andrew Divoff, Tom Savini
and Jason Carter. It was great to be on set with them.
I have had a crush on Andrew since I saw him in The Wishmaster when I was 15 years old.


Brian  S- Tell us what kind of movies you go home and wind down too. What are your favorites?


JC- My favorite genre is horror.  Shocking....I know!
I love the horror genre because when it done well, it is amazing.
When it is done poorly it can still be really funny and entertaining.
As an actress it is a great challenge to make the impossible seem believable.
Some of my favorites are Natural Born Killers, Hostel, The Devil's Rejects and The Martyrs.
I also enjoy action movies, thrillers and a good comedies (if I am not laughing out loud then it doesn't make the cut).

Brian  S- Any movie that you're kind of embarrassed to watch? Kind of a guilty pleasure movie!

JC- I don't get embarrassed easily at all, thank goodness considering the career that I have
chosen. I do adore Anne Hathaway and will watch any movie that she is in....including
The Princess Diaries. But if you tell anyone that I may have to slap you...

Brian  S- You're doing a few horror movies, is this genre where we'll see you stay put or will you dive into other areas of film? Comedy, Drama, etc...


JC- I LOVE horror and feel quite at home covered in fake blood and surrounded by
zombies. That being said I am very excited to do projects in other genres.
I am in talks to do a comedy as we speak, and it is going to be hilarious.
I actually shot a really funny sitcom (Two Doors Down) and since it was
improv based everyone on set had a blast!
The horror film I am shooting in July is quite funny too. It's called Virgin Blood and it's the next film by Mark Burchett (Vamps 1 and 2, Satanic Yuppies, Helloween).  Its like a new and fresh Buffy The Vampire Slayer in a  Catholic school girl environment. It is a fun script and I am looking forward to the stunts and getting to beat up a very cute boy – Michael Sharpe (The Devil's Crossing).
I would love to do a serious drama, but am just waiting on the right script to
come along. If you know of any please send them my way! ; )  

Brian  S- Who are your inspirations in the industry and who would you want to work with down the road?


JC- I really admire the work of January Jones, Amanda Seyfried and Naomie Watts.
They have all done amazing work. Their careers are filled with a wide array of projects in all
genres. They have worked with some amazing talent.
I really want to work with Eli Roth (I love the intensity of his work, and it always feels new and fresh), Robert Kurtzman (I just saw Deadly Impact and loved every moment of it), The Gray brothers (their passion and drive is inspiring), Andy Fickman (his work is genuinely funny and often sweet),  Ethan Terra and so many others.

Brian  S- Have you had any funny moments on set, have you had any really goofy bloopers yet? Split your pants, that kind of stuff?


JC- During the audition for Two Doors Down I improvised a scene with the actor
that was to play my boyfriend. In the scene he tells me that he bought a house and wants me
to move in with him. In response I got really excited and jumped on him.
I was wearing a short denim skirt that ended up wrapped around my waist
when I jumped my costar. Yes it is on tape and no you can not see it.
I always joke that I got that role because I flashed the director, producer and dp.

Brian  S- What's been your favorite experience so far?


JC- I have been so blessed to have so many wonderful experiences so far, and more to come!
I got to work with Jeff Burr on the film Resurrection last month.    He is a fantastic director who really speaks to the actor, and helps them get into character. I really learned a lot from him. I had a blast with the entire cast which included Lloyd Kaufman. Lloyd was hilarious on set
and I really enjoyed him, he  has become a great friend.
Also working on Mr.Hush in Northern Pennsylvania was an amazing experience, the cast
and crew were all so talented. They came from all over – Vancouver, LA, NY, Windsor, etc to create an amazing project.  We were a very random yet close film family.
My costar was one the most talented that I have had the chance to work with  and quite the character in real life, Brad Loree. He has quite the screen presence and was great to act with, he is a very giving actor.

Brian  S- Will you be at any events or conventions in 2010?


JC- I am accepting invitations : )  
At this point I'm committed to "Camp Blood : Friday The 30th" this will take place on August
13th, 14th and 15th. Check out the website:
It is going to be an amazing experience since so many great people are involved.

I will also be attending The B Movie Celebration on September 24th,25th and 26thin Franklin Indiana.  I am hoping to receive my very first award at this celebration (see below).
For more information check out the site:

Of course I will be at the Mr.Hush Weekend of Fear in northeastern
Pennsylvania on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, October 22-24, 2010
For more info:

I have 8 more features that I am going to shoot in the next 3 1/2 months, so
I am focusing on them in the mean time.

Brian  S- Ok is there anything you'd like to tell the fans out there? Or me?

JC- I am nominated for my first award, RISING B MOVIE ACTRESS.
I would really appreciate it if everyone would please vote for me so that I can win
this award.<=en  

You can always keep up with my resume and pictures
on my IMDB Page:  

Also please feel
free to check out my facebook fan page to keep up with my career. I like to post pictures from the sets that I work on, news about my career, etc. Its the easiest way to keep up with me!

Thank you so very much for your support!
I really appreciate it!

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