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Exclusive Interview: Actress/Artist Deana Demko Vs. Brian S

Art Interview Horror by brians
Deana Demko is a Scream Queen who has appeared in 55 movies so far and along the way she picked up this cool little hobby messing around with colored clay and she's gotten really good at it to the point people wanted to buy them. She calls her creations Little Replicants for a reason and as you check out my latest "Versus" you'll see why.

Brian  S- Hi Deana, first off how did you get into horror films?
Deana- Actually, by accident...I happen to be at a horror con and some one's actress didn't show up and they asked me to fill her spot. 55 movies later...I'm still doing it.

Brian  S- What would you say is your favorite film you've been in?
Deana- I would have to say the "Ghost of Angela Webb". It actually gave me a chance to act more then most roles do. I got to scream at invisible ghosts and I had the lead role.

Brian  S- Any upcoming films we can be looking for?
Deana- I have nothing in the works right now unfortunately. I just did the zombie show called "Zombie Hunters:City of the Dead" for NY cable. I played a zombie...had a blast.
Brian  S- Ok, you have these little clay creations of yours that are really cool. Tell us about them! 

Deana- The Little Replicants are one of a kind sculptures out of colored clay based on TV/movie characters and are usually designed as a teddy bear such as Pinhead from Hellraiser as a teddy bear in colored clay. They are about 3" to 4" usually but I can make larger sizes. I have done almost any character out there including "Basket Case" to "Freddy Kruegar" to "Where the Wild Things Are". you can check them out on or on facebook they have their own "Little Replicants" group page which I think is where you saw them first.

Brian  S- How and when did you get started with the Little Replicants?
Deana- Sort of a creative accident...hahahaha! I was making figures for friends for Christmas - teddy bears out of colored clay. I thought...if I could do teddy bears in colored hard could Freddy and Jason be? It actually can be a little harder then you'd think sometimes...LOL I started in 2004 with the original Fly and Pinhead being among two of my first pieces but out of the 20 made...I sold 12.Now I have over 350 different characters.

 Brian  S- You've done so many different characters, which is your favorite you've created?
Deana- Oh, that's hard...I like the more testing ones...Darkness, Pan(from Pan's Labyrinth), Pumpkinhead, Alien and Predator...they all take patience and a lot of work and concentration. I like that,

Brian  S- Could you make one of me but kind of superheroish and better looking?
Deana- I've sculpted superheroes before but...well, we can talk about that later. LOL ;)

Brian  S- Do you do commission work?
Deana- I do commission pieces. My work starts at $40 and up.

Brian  S- Where can we find these Little Replicants of yours?
Deana- As I said the little guys have their own Facebook group and they have a website but people can also contact me at    There also use to be a MySpace group for them.

Brian  S- Do you and your Replicants frequent any conventions?
Deana- I always frequent the Chiller Theatre convention in Parsippany, N.J. and now that I have such a large amount of characters I need to start doing more shows. I am still discussing on doing NJ ComicCon.

Brian  S- Ok Deana, say something to all the horror fans out there.


Deana- If you could hear this instead of fans would know my"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" (INSERT LOUD SCREAM HERE) LOL

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