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Geek Of the Week: REBEKAH FORCIER (And Her Custom My Little Horror Ponies)

When I first saw these "My Little Ponies" with an extra touch I instantly had to have one, so I have what I named "Darth Pony"."Geek of the Week Rebekah Forcier creates these cool little customized collectibles ranging from one that has a Freddy Krueger look all the way to an Elvis and everything in between and I had to share them with y'all.  She even does special requests which you'll read about below and I've even asked her if she could make me a Human Centipede My Little Horror Pony and she says she's up for the challenge and ya'll know that's my favorite new movie! Get a load of the pics and read on below! You know you want one!

Brian  S- How did you come up with the idea?

Rebekah- Well obviously there are alot of people customizing ponies. I never really noticed anyone pushing the boundaries with them such as with horror or rock bands. I decided to take my own spin on the ponies and make the ponies a little darker and creepier.

Brian  S- Did you play with My Little Ponies as a child?

Rebekah- I DID! And even back then I drew on them with markers and cut all their hair off, along with my mom's valuable 1960's Barbie doll collection. It's amazing I'm still allowed over at Thanksgiving.

Brian  S - Where did your fascination with horror begin?

Rebekah- It all began when I was 12 years old with a little movie I rented from Hollywood Video called ever heard of it? The chatterer cenobite was so freaky and cool at the same time I loved it. After that was Freddy Krueger and his nightmarish madness. I never looked back after that. I have always felt that there is something so amazing about the supernatural and the unkown and things that are not supposed to be even THOUGHT of by people. Taboo and macabre elements have always had a little place in my heart. There are always going to be some things people don't want to admit they delve into.

Brian  S - Are there any ponies you've got in mind to make for the future?

Rebekah- OH tons..I've already made more that I have to put on my deviantart site. I really want to stick with horror themes and obscure ponies. I'd like to also note that I try and do a total repaint on the ponies eyes and customize them to the point that you know it's a My Little Pony still but at the same time it's a whole new customized art piece.

Brian  S - Do you take custom requests?

Rebekah- Absolutely. My ponies start at 20 dollars and up depending on what you'd like. I'm up for the challenge. I'd also be willing to trade if someone did cool artwork/toys. Oh but ponies don't sparkle ;-)

Brian  S- Anything else you'd like to be posted?

Rebekah- I'd like people to know it's ok to be a little weird, a little outside of the worlds box. It's truly..TRULY ok to let you're freak flag fly. You only live once and if painting My Little Ponies or even singing wayyy out of tune makes you happy, then where's the problem in that? It's not like you live under the bottom of Camp Crystal Lake right? Love!




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