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Exclusive Interview: Actress Michelle Shields Vs. Brian S

Interview Horror by brians

Michelle Shields is a young actress/scream queen who is totally driven and focused with her career.  She has a very impressive resume which includes major blockbusters like The Dark Knight to the highly anticipated indie western/action/horror hybrid film Post Mortem, America 2021. She also knows how to take a break and have some fun with her video games, comics and even action figures which is why she is now my latest crush and newest pretend girlfriend! Check out my latest "Versus" to learn more about this cool actress Michelle Shields.


Brian  S-  First off how'd you get into acting?


Michelle Shields- Well, I’ve always had a love for acting as far back as I can remember. I used to sit for hours watching movies and perform scenes from them later with friends and family. I’ve always been one of those people that can watch a movie then rewind it and watch it again lol. In school I was in all the school productions from kindergarten to college getting lead roles in high school and college and apart of speech teams. My favorite plays to do were comedies because I love making people laugh :-)  When I was 15 I auditioned for a film and was cast as an 80's college punk rocker. I loved it because I got to create the look for the character myself and finally got to have a reason to give myself a Mohawk. Don’t worry, I didn’t shave my hair off either lol! 


Brian  S- What's been your favorite experience so far?


Michelle Shields- I really can’t answer that lol! It changes all the time. However if you ask me right now at this moment I’d have to say meeting and working with the people I have. In my career I have met a good number of great and wonderful people that I am very blessed to have known. I love meeting people I grew up admiring and finding out how nice and down to earth they are. From my good friend Linnea Quigley to Rich Koz to even meeting Johnny Depp on the set of Public Enemies I have had nothing but great experiences with all of them.


Brian  S- You were in the Dark Knight? That's pretty cool!


Michelle Shields- Yes! I had a wonderful time on the set of The Dark Knight. First off, being a huge Batman fan from birth made this a really awesome experience. I worked onset for about two weeks in two different scenes. I had the pleasure of meeting Heath Ledger when I worked on the bank scene. He was very much into the character and I was in awe watching him work. I also got to meet Gary Oldman on the second scene I worked on and watched Christopher Nolan work his magic. I have never seen a film he did that I didn’t like. He picked me out and placed me in front of the camera. It was a great working atmosphere and everyone was very enthused to be there working on it.  


Brian  S- So, what do you do in your spare time?  Any  hobbies?


Michelle Shields- I have way too many hobbies and not enough time lol. When not working I enjoy playing my video games, reading my comics, watching my movies, building models, collecting action figures and other memorabilia, and hanging out with friends. You can always find me at different electronic stores and resale shops looking for that one collector tin case to complete my collection lol.


I love my PS3, so much more than a gaming system, but I also have every other console and handheld except the Wii. My favorite game of all time is Zombie Ate My Neighbors for my SNES but I’ve been addicted to Fallout 3 since like Nov of 08 lol. I like my shooters, RPGs, strategy, adventure games and I will buy and play anything that the Adventure Company or Sierra made for PC.


I primarily collect DC comics like Batman, Justice League, and anything Elseworld. I also love Death from Sandman, Preacher, and Walking Dead to name a few others. I have over 3,000 films and counting. And if you are wondering, yes, my collector box sets do still have the shrink wrap on them lol. I’m not going to even try to count all my models and figures haha but there’s a lot.   


Brian  S- Favorite horror icon of all time?   


Michelle Shields-  I'm going to have to go with Vincent Price. He was a very impressive actor and had such an amazing voice. Every time he played some kind of crazed monster he made you believe that a person like that could really exist. I also love hiim because he did more than just horror, he was a real actor, but when he did play horror, boy did he do it well!


Brian  S- Have you had any embarrassing moments while filming? like split your pants kind of stuff?


Michelle Shields-  LOL, well I don't really get embarrassed because I alwasy laugh everything off but I had to think of one funny moment it would be on the set of Sister Mary. I was filming a scene with my great friend James Vallo and the comedian Ant when I got so into the scene I lost my footing. At one point I'm suppose to run up to Ant and this particular time as I ran towards him I slipped and caught myself just before I went down. He improvised some funny lines and everyone laughed LOL. No injuries so it was a good day : )


Brian  S-  Tell me about your character in Comic Book Divas 'A Life Behind The Mask'

Michelle Shields- 'A Life Behind The Mask' gives a comedic insight on the lives of heroes and villains both while they wear the mask and cape and when it comes offand they have to deal with life like everyone else.

I portray Mrs. Marvelous (Hero) who is faster than a speeding..... more powerful than a..... you get the idea, I have fame, glory, and some awesome fans, but I'm in a need of a break! It was created by Jeff Hughes and the artwork by Dennis Willman.

I am also featured in Comic Book Divas Fangs & WANTED: Red Riding.



 My character is Sapphire. It’s a story about a band of female vampire hunters who are on a quest to retrieve their male friends and family members from a coven of female vampires. Written and Created by Jeff Hughes


WANTED: Red Riding

My character in this one is the evil queen Snow Whyte. Red Riding wants to escape from storybook land and I will stop at nothing to prevent it.

Written and Created By Jeff Hughes, Art by Ryan Showers & Jason Dube


Brian  S- Do you like comic book zombies? Do you um, think they're cute?


Michelle Shields- Well it depends on the artist I guess ;) lol! Yes I do, zombies are always fun in every different type of media. Like I mentioned I love the Walking Dead and of course how could I not love Marvel Zombies! I may be a DC girl but I like Marvel too :) I love Ash vs Marvel Zombies even better.


Brian  S- Tell me about the projects you're working on right now and when we can be looking for them!


Michelle Shields- Right now…. “Post Mortem America 2021” is just about done filming. I have a couple of scenes left then I am wrapped there. I play a cyber punk hit woman in a post apocalyptic world filled with zombies. PMA2021 should be premiering early 2011.


 “Sister Mary” just finished filming and is being edited as we speak. A comedy about two detectives that team up to stop a serial killing nun from killing Choir boys. But when the killings don’t stop, expert F.B.I. profiler, Agent Peckant (comedian ANT), is assigned to the case.

 I also just won the lead in a new film, “Frankenstein”. I’m very excited about this one! I play Elizabeth, but with a huge twist and a lot of surprises!


Brian  S- Would you like to say anything to the fans?

Michelle Shields- Thanks for checking out my interview and if you want to keep up to date on all my acting shenanigans you can follow me on my pages ;)

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