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Exclusive Interview: Actress Tawny Amber Young Vs. Brian S

Interview Horror by brians


Tawny Amber Young started modeling at a young age and then moved on to cheerleading, did I mention I love cheerleaders . She has been a spokesperson for many events. She has appeared on several reality shows including Rock of Love with Bret Michaels (I knew I remembered you from somewhere). She likes dorks and not geeks, I don’t get it? Anyway, Tawny has now jumped into the  horror genre and this is where I come in. check out my latest “Versus” to find out more about the beautiful and pretty dang cool Tawny Amber Young.

Brian  S- Hi Tawny, first off tell me how you got into acting?

TAY- I always watched the kids on TV and wondered how they got to be there... One day I picked up a Penny Saver and called for an interview for a modeling agency at the age of 13. My mom was a little bit shocked since she had no clue. Sadly that place was a scam but I did get some experience in front of the camera and loved it and then started taking drama in Junior High. I did a little bit in High School in after school classes since my school had no drama program, then just started finding out about auditions and going to them.  


Brian  S- You have some cool projects in the works including the very cool looking Cut, what can you tell me about this film?

TAY- Oh my Gosh!!! This Film was sooooooo Much fun to work on!! I got to be bloody and see horrific things!! Everyone on set was so amazing and talented!! There are so many twist and turns to the story!! If I told you anything is would give away all the fun! hee hee


Brian  S- Tell me a little about your character in Cut.

TAY- My character's name is Maria. She's very confused and has to struggle with the choices she has made. She to me started off some what weak but gains strength which I love being I am a very strong person myself.  


Brian  S- How is it working with Joe Hollow, Wolfgang Meyer and the rest of the cool indie gang?

TAY- Joe and Wolfgang are an amazing team! The talent seems to just ooze from them. They are very down to earth. They have all these ideas running through their head and it just ends up colliding together making some amazing footage. Going to work on other projects has been hard since working on "Cut". We all worked so well together. We all bonded instantly which was awesome. I do look forward to working with everyone again in the future, Talent and Crew!! They are people I would work with in a heartbeat! 


Brian  S- Did you have any scenes with Kane Hodder, Tony Todd or Michael Berryman?

TAY- Sadly No I didn't have any scenes with Kane Hooder or Tony Todd which totally bums me out, But I did have one with Michael Berryman. Michael is GREAT! He's such a nice guy and talented!! I really wanted to go up to him and blab away about all the movies I loved him but I didn't wanna seem like a stalker. lol


Brian  S- Tell me your best story from the set!

TAY- Pretty much everyone drooling over the craft services awesome cook Michael Schaefer!! That man can cook. I would hear from everyone about his awesome meals on days I wasn't there and you would think these boys were talking about hot girls. That's how good he is!!

Brian  S- Do you prefer nerds or geeks? 

TAY- They are both special to me!!! But I prefer the dorks since I'm a total Dork!! :)


Brian  S- What other projects do you have coming up?

TAY- I just work On Vivid with Brandon Slagle, Devanny Pinn and Deneen Melody!!  It's looking pretty awesome!! Brandon has done amazing work directing!! My scene is pretty cool! The rest of my stuff is currently pending.

Brian  S- Where else can we find you on the net?

TAY- Good Old Fashioned Google. I use to have a site but well that person went M.I.A. on me.. I'm just trying to compile some stuff together so when I do put up a site again I will have something to put on it. So Google has some random finds and I am also on IMDB. 


Brian  S- Would you like to say anything to all the cool readers checking this out?

TAY- Thank you for all your support!! Without Fans we are nothing. I am a HUGE fan of Horror and I'm gonna try to do some more of it!!! Love you guys!!



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