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Exclusive Interview: Actor Edwin Bravo Vs. Brian S

Edwin Bravo didn’t make the decision to pursue an entertainment career until he was in his 30’s, but the Filipino actor hasn’t looked back since. He’s quickly building a solid resume in Hollywood, with appearances in several hit film and television shows, including Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, Hawaii Five-O, Sons of Tucson, Southland, and Mind of Mencia.

The actor has several cool projects lined up for 2011. The first one is the new series Harry’s Law co-starring alongside Academy Award winning actress Kathy Bates and then we’ll see him on Supah Ninjas later this year on Nickelodeon, did I mention Sulu (George Takai) is on that show?  Check out my latest “Versus” to learn more about the cool and really down to earth Edwin Bravo.


Brian  S-  First off , you got into acting in your 30's. What took you so long? Is this actually the case of getting bitten by the acting bug?

Edwin Bravo-  Actually I was bitten by the acting bug in college in my early 20's, but life kinda took over and I went in a different direction. I first wanted to become a doctor, but realizing in my senior year, that I couldn't pass Organic Chemistry for the 3rd time damn time, I told my parents I wanted to become and actor or director! (True Story) So after college I got a job as a community organizer and activist in the Filipino Community in the Rampart District of L.A. working with youth in the gang prevention and intervention programs as well as senior citizens and Filipino WWII Veterans rights. That kinda took over my life in my 20's. While everyone was traveling and going to clubs getting drunk out of their minds, generally having the time of their lives; I was making placards, organizing meetings, and leading public protests! LOL! At the same time I was running a small little T-shirt business catered towards the Filipino community called "Tribal Pinoy". I've always had friends that were aspiring directors and a friend that was a publicist for a few of the HBO docs, so I was constantly reminded of the "BIZ". So in my 30's, I just wanted a change of pace, and decided to take an acting class. I took it for a few months and I totally "sucked" hard core at it and didn't really like being around "actors", so I quit for about a year. Eventually I came back and actually became extremely good at it. I was still running my T-shirt business that was actually doing well, but decided to fold it up and go into acting full time. I just felt that I had to put 200% into it, because I felt that I would regret it for the rest of my life if I didn't at least try and put my all into it. I've made a lot of stupid decisions in my life, and this decision...well, the jury's still out it. LOL! Funny thing is I can't really say that I regret not starting earlier in my life like most actors, because much of what I experienced throughout my life as an activist, organizer, and entrepreneur was so rich and unique that it gave me a perspective on life that most people don't want to or can't see, and much of that created the actor you see today, who, despite the rugged exterior has a depth and range that surprises most people. I've played anything and everything, from being a transvestite (3 times, as a character, not in my real life, LOL!) to Shakespeare (Richard III, Henry V, Julius Caesar) and everything in between.

Brian  S-  You are a part of several cool projects in 2011. First up tell me a little about Harry's Law and your part.

Edwin Bravo-  Well, my character is a guy that specializes in "urban auto street repossessions", basically I'm really good at stealing cars. I come into Harriet Korn's (played by Kathy Bates) Law and Fine Shoes Office based in my "hood" with my "boys", and try to intimidate her and her staff, and Harriet Korn, being who she is,  puts me in my place. It's a pretty funny scene.


Brian  S-  How was it working with Kathy Bates?

Edwin Bravo-  It is the highlight of not only my acting career, but my life as well. Kathy Bates is probably one of the most gracious and kind actors that I have ever met and had the honor of working with. In the grand scheme of things, not many actors get a chance to meet, let alone, work with an Academy Award winning actress that is as respected as Kathy Bates, and I will NEVER ever take that for granted. Actors naturally have some kind of insecurities. I was certainly one of those; always questioning if I was good enough to "make it" in this industry. After working with her, my insecurities I had about myself and my skills as an actor were erased because of some of the gracious words she conveyed to me in private as well as some things she said about me, to her co-star who "spilled the beans" to me after the shoot. The things that were said, I will always keep close to my heart and private and I am indebted to her for the confidence I have today, I'm still riding high. In addition, I had a great time working with the other great actors on the show, Nate Coddrey, Brittany Snow, and Aml Ameen. They too, were gracious as well as being fantastic actors that will no doubt add to the success of this show. Producer and director Bill D'Elia was a dream to work with as well.

Brian  S-  You're also going to be in the upcoming Nick series Supah Ninjas. Tell me a little about the show and your role.

Edwin Bravo-   I can tell it's going to be fun. I really can't divulge too much because we haven't shot it yet, but I play a character named "Hog" a member of a biker gang called the "Wrecking Crew" who's tries to break out of prison with fellow gang member "Two-Ton Harley" played by a very well known wrestler. A gigantic one. LOL! This is going to be a great show. It was produced and created by the people that created "Afro Samurai", Eric Garcia and Leo Chu. It's going to change the way these kind of shows will be filmed. It's a live action comedy series starring some great new talent in Ryan Potter, Carlos Knight, and Gracie Dzienny as well as great veteran actor George Takei. Don't be surprised when this show takes the industry by storm, it's gonna be fantastic. The way it's gonna be filmed alone, like "Spiderman", "Hulk" etc... it's just gonna be amazing.

Brian  S-  When can we start looking for Supah Ninjas?

Edwin Bravo-  I'm not sure, there was a sneak peak on Nickelodeon on January, 17th at 9pm. I would look for it maybe in the spring of this year, if not then definitely by the fall.


Brian  S-  Do you have anything else coming out this year?

Edwin Bravo-  Not as of yet, but I see many things happening for me this year and you guys will be the first to know. The industry is making a good come back, so it should be great for all actors.

Brian  S-  I have to ask, how was it being on the set of a Pirates of the Caribbean movie?

Edwin Bravo-   Uhh..... WOW! is probably the best way I can describe it. Everything was just so big and expensive!!! LOL! It's so unreal, it's difficult to describe. I would say, organized mayhem, would be a good way to say it. The sheer number of people that was required to make that film was mind boggling. The crew was absolutely fantastic at their jobs and being able to rub shoulders with Keira Knightly wasn't bad either. LOL! Also being around and conversating with Geoffrey Rush, Orlando Bloom, the ever gracious Chow Yun Fat and one of my favorite actors in Bill Nighy in the make up trailer. Sometimes when we get a chance I'll play a round of golf with Lee Arenberg who played "Pintel" - "Allo....Poppet!!" LOL!

Brian  S-  Would you like to say anything to aspiring actors, maybe others in their 30's and even older who might want to take a chance?

Edwin Bravo-   I would say, just don't give up and don't get distracted by the "Hollywood lifestyle". If you're going to do it, give it %1000 percent, part-time actors usually don't work. LOL! Continue to get better at the craft and try to be the best actor you can be. Always be flexible and be able to look at this business in different ways, because it is a "business". Stay away from the negative and be around the positive and successful people, and do what they do and good luck!!

Thank you soooo much,

Edwin H. Bravo

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