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Exclusive Interview: Actress Eliza Swenson Vs. Brian S

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Eliza Swenson is my latest  super crush!  I just put that on out there didn't I.  She is a force to be reckoned with for sure!  She not only acts but she also writes, edits, produces and even composes her own music!  She's been involved in some fan favorite films like Dracula's Curse, Frankenstein Reborn and Supercroc and she  has some highly anticipated projects coming our way soon which include Legend of the Red Reaper and The Witches of Oz.  Check out my latest "Versus" with the very beautiful and super cool Eliza Swenson.


Brian  S- You graduated BYU with a music major. How did you get into film?

ES- Music has always been a natural love and passion, but acting crept up on me. I guess I would have noticed it sooner if music hadn’t been so pronounced. I also just figured that majoring in music would teach me more: music theory, composition, etc.  I got my start in film by getting a part in a film while at school. I don’t think it was ever released, but it gave me the bug and I moved to LA shortly after. 


Brian  S- You've been in film for about six years now and you've gotten into acting (of course), some writing and producing and you still do some composing. If you could pick just one, which  would you choose?

ES- I can’t!!! Hmm…thinking.  Nope. I can’t. That would be like drowning kittens. I like everything.  Acting is so intense, instant gratification. Scoring making me feel like I am insane, totally deranged and psychotic, I don’t see people for days. Producing is for the control freak in me and writing is my philanthropic side. I love watching a great actor wolf down a scene and ask for seconds. Of course, acting was my starting place professionally, but doing everything makes me more connected to the work.  Hey, instead of asking me to pick one, what about asking me what I would do next…hmm…pyro? Yes, that sounds fun!


Brian  S- Ok, let's get to some current projects. Tell me a little about Legend of the Red Reaper and your part in it.

ES- I play the (very hot) witch mother of the Red Reaper. She has made more than a few mistakes in her life but she hopes that she can win back her daughter’s love. I’m sort of like the good-for-nothing drug addict mother that sold her daughter into slavery to buy more drugs, so no, winning affection won’t be easy.  I think Tara Cardinal wanted me for the part because she had seen my performance in Dragon, which had some similarities to this character. I am always playing some kind of witch.



Brian  S- How's the post-production coming along? I'm ready to see this film!

ES- I know, me too! Sadly, I haven’t been able to see any of the footage yet, but I know Tara and crew are working hard to make it happen. I can’t wait to see it.



Brian  S- Ok Eliza, take a deep breath and tell me Nerds or Geeks?

ES- I would have to say Geeks! I mean, they are just more stylish nerds when you get down to it, right?  Plus, they have cool shades, ironic T-shirts, and their own slushy machines.  But hey, I would pick either one over a jock any day of the week.


Brian  S- So you're saying there's a chance?

ES- Of course! Why not!? Just no jocks, no mean people.  I guess that would make Michael Vick the least attractive man on the planet to me.



Brian  S- Anyway, tell me about your alien abduction!

ES-  Well, now that you are calling me out on it, ok, so I might have stretched the truth just a bit. I wasn’t exactly abducted, but I did grow-up close to Area 51 and my ex-husband was a foreign ‘alien’. And if you ask my parents, he did abduct me! Seriously, my feeling about aliens is that they are the most likely of any conspiracy theories, but the question still remains, is light-speed travel possible? Hmm…See, once we figure out that then we won’t have to wonder about aliens, we will become the aliens.



Brian  S- Back to work! Tell me about your film The Witches of Oz and your part! I'm looking forward to this!

ES- The Witches of Oz is my little baby. It started with Leigh and I writing while we, and our team, were still in Louisiana working on some projects there. I remember those hot, muggy, Louisiana summer nights drinking Coronas and bringing the characters to life. They had to be true to a story that is classic and over-the-top, but still honest and relatable. The project has been magical from the start and, several times, we have actually exceeded our expectations, which never happens. I produced, co-wrote, starred, scored, edited, and mixed the film. Crazy, but true. I am living and breathing Oz at this point. It has more visual effects than Jurassic Park; it stars some amazing actors, and wait until you see the monkeys. Snap!


Brian  S- What's up next for you Eliza? 

ES- Well, we are already in the works with another Oz film and after that, probably more fantasy and sci-fi. Those are my two favorite genres. I would also love to do some period films for a change of pace. But, for now, I am planning on producing my own content and taking acting jobs on request. I don’t audition much. I figure, if you want me, you know where to find me!



Brian  S- Will you be at  San Diego Comic Con in the summer because I think you should meet me!

ES- Yes! I would love to meet you! All of ‘yous’! We got a booth already so I should be there in all of the festivities. I would love nothing more than some California weather right about now. Currently, I am in the middle of another east coast snowstorm. Man, winter is brutal. I didn’t even know this season really existed. When they said winter, they weren’t kiddin.



Brian  S- Would you like to say anything to the cool people checking this out?

ES- I’m an icy pop, I’m a flowerpot, I’m crazy! Ok no. Live large and prosper. Love to all of you! Watch Witches of Oz!

P.S.  Lance Hendriksen is the man, Billy Boyd is a true friend, Mia Sara is fucking brilliant, Sean Astin is a sweetheart and trooper, Ethan Embry is a rockin-roller, Jeffrey Combs can act his way out of any paper bag and you would never know it was him, Al Snow can read (I know, crazy right), and Christopher Lloyd, well, they don’t call him Doc Brown for nothing.



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