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Exclusive Interview: truTV "WORLD'S DUMBEST" Host Danny Bonaduce Vs. Brian S

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Danny Bonaduce (yes, that Danny Bonaduce) was cool enough to talk to me about the upcoming 100th episode of World's Dumbest on truTV which he helps host. He talks about some of the people he gets a sneak peak at before we do and how he handles the comedy aspect of "real life" with some of these "World's Dumbest". The 100th episode airs Thursday, February 17 at 9pm ET.  Check out my latest "Versus" with the one and only Danny Bonaduce. Check! Another one off my bucket list! First photo courtesy of  CBS Radio


Brian  S-  How did you get involved with truTV and the World's Dumbest?

Danny Bonaduce- I had the amazing good fortune to be born with extraordinary talents. I had the misfortune to get arrested a lot. That is the perfect recipe for hosting "World's Dumbest." The rest of the cast usually only has one half or the other.


Brian  S-  Watching what some of the things these people get themselves into do you ever want to reach through the monitor and jack slap one?

Danny Bonaduce- Almost always. I have read a break-down of what is about to happen to these poor unfortunates. Then, I turn on the DVD and before the motorcycle crash or the car crash or someone smashes their scrotum, I scream at the TV like someone watching Friday the 13th, "Don't do that! The monster is up there!" But, in this case the monster is a motorcycle crash, a car crash, or an incredibly swollen scrotum.


Brian  S-     What's the funniest clip you've seen so far?

Danny Bonaduce- I enjoyed "World's Dumbest Boxers." I particularly liked the clip of a 6'6" 265 lbs Jose Canseco punching a 5'6" 165 lbs Danny Bonaduce. It was like "Raging Bull," except with idiots. "You never got me down, Jose!"


Brian  S-     How much fun is this gig?

Danny Bonaduce- Please don't tell the people at TruTV, but when I walk out of the studio wiping tears of laughter from my eyes, I'm also thinking, "Wow. I just stole their money." If by chance, you're thinking to yourself, "Danny, I've seen you bleed from the head, nose, lips, and get shot in the head with a bottle rocket on that show," I have to admit it - those days are the most fun.


Brian  S-      What else do you have going on beside World's Dumbest?

Danny Bonaduce- I host the morning show at WYSP in Philadelphia. And, as long as Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen, and now Miley Cyrus keep up their antics, I do an incredible amount of television. I am apparently the expert on all celebrities on drugs. I should also have a new reality show coming out in approximately October. I do stand-up comedy from time to time and compared to getting shot in the head with a bottle rocket, it's really scary.


Brian  S-      Where can everybody find you at on the net? 

Danny Bonaduce- On twitter I am @BonaduceShow. My radio station's website is If you can stand the sound of my voice, you can listen to my show online and also download podcasts.


Brian  S-      Would you like to say anything to all of the fans checking this out? 

Danny Bonaduce- Please keep watching "TruTV Presents: The World's Dumbest" as it pays my alimony. The irony is not lost on me that if I am not now, I most certainly was, a dumb criminal. And, thank you for the new nickname. Before, I was "The Partridge Family Guy," then I was "The Reality TV Guy," I am still "The Radio Guy," but I absolutely love it when people come up to me on the street and say, "Hey! Aren't you The World's Dumbest Guy?" I proudly say yes.


truTV Presents: World’s Dumbest…

100th Episode – Thursday, February 17 at 9pm ET.

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truTV Presents: World’s Dumbest… is a weekly countdown show that takes a comedic look at twenty half-witted and offbeat events caught on camera and sometimes by 911 dispatchers. Celebs, comedians and writers provide colorful commentary for each clip, which are broken down into topics such as Criminals, Drivers, Daredevils, Partiers, etc. You'll see brainless bad guys, moronic motorists, senseless sports, ridiculous risk-takers and more. The pilot episode premiered March 13, 2008, and they are currently in the tenth season. 

Episode description for 100th Episode:

To keep the streets safe, truTV has rounded up another twenty severely stupid scoff-laws. We've cuffed them, booked them, and put them on TV for you to jeer and deride. On the docket: a criminal cook whose victim is a cat, an armed robber who shoots his own accomplice, a burglar with a lame get-away bike, and a bonehead who gets busted pretending to be a cop.

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