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Exclusive Interview: Actor Roberto Lombardi Vs. Brian S

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Roberto Lombardi is an actor/producer who got started in acting at seven years old. He's also a musician who can play several different instuments and he writes his own music.  He's also been credited for casting, location scout and  script supervisor as well as doing Special FX makeup.  Check out my latest "Versus" with the very down to Earth Roberto Lombardi as he shares eveything from how he got into acting to his current film projects and offering advice for the up and coming.


Brian  S- First off tell me how you got into acting?

Roberto Lombardi- I was on a children's television show as a child. I did some theater in school after that, did a few extra roles and I was hooked!

I come from a family of musicians, actors and artists so I've always had the "bug" to perform. Acting & music are my passion and I was lucky to have really supportive and encouraging parents.

I'm pretty much a pit bull when I want to achieve something, so I took some classes and learned what kind of actor I am and what kind I want to develop into.


Brian  S- Tell me about your projects you're working on right now. 

Roberto Lombardi- Currently I am filming "Stand Off" by Chris .R. Notarile of Blinky Productions. It's a high action crime drama about four women who rob banks and stars Mandy Evans, Kim Santiago, Kerri Miller and myself.  I play the cop that one of them rats the others out to. It's very actor driven and high energy. 

I am also working on John Orrichio's next film "Dead Collections" in one of the lead roles.  It's part ghost story and part crime drama and has some really great special effects in it. Besides me it's stars Kim Santiago, Edward X. Young, Matt Locker and Suzi Lorraine. An amazing cast!

I'm also in pre-production on "Johnny Blue", "Zombie Ex's", "Extinction" some television projects and Christina Sampson's "vOosHa dAy".  Christina is a good friend and my business partner.


Brian  S- Out of all the genres, which is your favorite to work in? 

Roberto Lombardi- Anything that has an interesting storyline and offers an audience a fun ride together with good acting. For me that means drama / action or horror, but I enjoy everything!


Brian  S- What's your favorite experience in film making so far (acting or producing)?

Roberto Lombardi- Definitely acting! I had an amazing time making "The Happening". "Escape From New Jersey" was one of my all time favorites to make and the projects I'm working on now are right up there!

Producing is satisfying when the film is complete, but a headache for me personally during production.


Brian  S- What would your dream gig be?

Roberto Lombardi- In all honesty, I'd love to see my favorite indie directors get the big budgets they deserve to make films the way they want. It would be a dream for me to see people like John Orrichio and Chris .R. Notarile (and more) get that money and for me to be able to work on those projects with them.


Brian  S- Favorite movie of all time? 

Roberto Lombardi- Wow, I would have to break that down into genres because that is a TOUGH one! Off the top of my head? John Carpenter's Halloween or Jaws... 


Brian  S- You also have a production company, tell me a little about this.

Roberto Lombardi- I initially started RTL Productions to release the albums I had played on.  I then decided to produce a short film called "Just Like Me" through my company and that led to me producing "Extinction" and co-producing John Orrichio's new projects. Little by little my company is clawing it's way up!


Brian  S- Do you ever attend any conventions or film festivals?

Roberto Lombardi- When time allows, absolutely yes!  I went to the New York City International Film Festival last year and saw "Emerging Past" and it was fantastic! I also went to Monster Mania last summer with the cast of "Escape From New Jersey" and was lucky enough to have a private meeting with John Carpenter and Dick Warlock. We presented them with that film and "Methodic" and they were very gracious.  I'm definitely planning to attend more events.


Brian  S- Where can the readers find you on the net?

Roberto Lombardi- I'm pretty much everywhere you can think of on the net, like:





My official site is under construction, but I show up on other sites if you google me!


Brian  S- Would you like to say anything to aspiring actors, producers or filmmakers out there?

Roberto Lombardi- Yes.  Be honest with yourself every step of the way about your abilities and always improve. If you can look yourself in the eye and in your heart know you have what it takes then GO FOR IT. Don't let anything stop you. Develop a thick skin. You will be told "no" way more than "yes" and if you can't handle that, this business may not be for you. People will pretend to be your friend when they aren't, so keep your family and real friends close. Respect the people you work with and for. 

I'd like to thank Brian Shirley and everyone at GeekTyrant for this great opportunity!  I've been a fan for a long time! 


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