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Exclusive Interview: Actor Chad Linberg Vs. Brian S


Actor Chad Lindberg is riding high with the success and attention the controversial remake of I Spit on Your Grave has gotten and his upcoming role in NBC's superhero drama The Cape. Chad talks to me about the intensity of ISOYG, the bonding of the cast and crew, his character in NBC's The Cape's upcoming episode entitled "Goggles", to his own videos he puts out and  to a special signing at Dark Delicacies on February 8th. Check out my latest "Versus" with Chad Lindberg aka Ash from the hit CW TV show Supernatural


Brian  S- First off Chad, how'd you get into acting?

Chad Linberg- I started doing plays in High School Theater. I realized I had the bug, I thought I might be good at this so I looked into my local newspaper of my hometown of Mt. Vernon. Saw an ad for a talent agency in Seattle. I was a Junior at the time and went to audition for them. "Kid Biz" was the name of the agency. They took me right away and gave me my first audition the very next day. It was to play a "Burger Boss" with 2 lines in a Warner Bros Movie called "Born to be Wild".  I auditioned and landed the part!! My very first audition. I was so excited. About 3 years later I booked a lead in an Indie called "Black Circle Boys" which was an LA film shooting in Seattle. From there doors opened up for me and I moved to LA right after.


Brian  S- Tell me about your character in I Spit On Your Grave.

Chad Lindberg- I play the role of Matthew. He is slow and mentally challenged manchild. Pure at heart but gets caught up in some very bad things because he is goaded by his only friends. He's a guy who just wants to be loved.


Brian  S- How was it filming this intense remake?

Chad Linberg- Sure was!! It was extremely intense. I've never shot anything like it before. One of the most creatively fulfilling roles and filming experiences of my career. We were shooting scenes that would make the hairs on the back on my neck stand straight up on end. We were all very anxious to shoot the heavy scenes(pretty much the whole movie) and we really bonded as a cast because of the intense content.  We were in complete awe too. Speechless at times.


Brian  S- The cast will be signing at Dark Delicacies on February 8th when the DVD and Blu-ray comes out. who all will be there and what time should the fans swamp the place?

Chad Linberg- From what I understand the whole cast will be there from the Remake. As well as Director Steven R. Monroe and Producer Lisa Hansen.  And original director Meir Zarchi! Very Cool!! I'd say get there by at least 6:30. Or maybe sooner!! One never knows with these things. It could be a madhouse. You never know;)


Brian  S- You also have a part in NBC's superhero drama The Cape. Tell me about the part you play.

Chad Linberg- I play the part of "Hicks". A Cold Blooded Assassin who is hired by Peter Fleming along with my fellow Assassin "Goggles"  who is played by Pruit Tayler Vince. I would say that Hicks is very eccentric as well. I got to do things in this episode that I've never been able to do before. I think fans will be surprised when they see me in this role. It wont be what they expect. ;)



Brian  S- How was it filming a live action comic book TV show?

Chad Linberg- Awesome!!! Everywhere you look it looks like a Comic Book!! It's pretty thrilling to be able to play a Villian in a Comic Book Show. I'm honored!!


Brian  S- I just want to say I'm a huge Supernatural fan and enjoyed your role as Ash!

Chad Linberg- "Business up front and a party in the Back"!!! Thanks so much!! Ash is one of my all time favorite characters I've played and I've gotten so much love for that guy from the Fans. It's been truly awesome. I didn’t expect that to happen when I got cast in Season 2. Since then the show has become a phenomenon and Ash has become a fan fav. It's gotta be the Mullet. No one can rock it quite like Ash. ;)


Brian  S- So, what's up next for you?

Chad Linberg- Just keeping busy. Auditions. Ready to hopefully land a show of my own. That would be sweet. Other than that I keep busy with making my "Funny or Die" Videos.


Brian  S- Would you like to say anything to the cool readers out there?

Chad Linberg- Thank you so very much to all of my fans who have supported me. I'm very greatful. I hope everyone has an amazing 2011!!!




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