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Abigail Breslin Cast in Horror Film HAUNTER

Zombieland co-star Abigail Breslin is to star in director Vincenzo Natali's (Splice) new horror movie,Haunter, being produced by Copperheart Entertainment.

In the film, Breslin will play the ghost of a dead teenage girl, who died along with her family in 1986. The film is described as "a reverse ghost story" that "follows Lisa, a ghost who is "trapped in their house together and unable to move on, Lisa must reach out from beyond the grave to help her present-day, living counterpart avoid the same fate she suffered."

Shooting starts later on this month in Toronto. Breslin is a great young actress, but Natali is hit and miss for me. I like Cube but hated Splice; it was just poorly written and directed. Hopefully this new horror movie will be better. What do you think of Natali's previous work?

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