10 Actors Who Almost Went Crazy in Their Movie Roles

Some actors are so devoted to their work that they get so into their characters and sometimes lose themselves in them. This form of acting is called method acting, and the actor basically never breaks character — even in their normal lives while they are shooting the movie. This helps them get deep inside the character and they obviously think it helps them give the best performance possible. 

ScreenRant has released a video that lists and breaks down ten actors who almost went crazy because of the role they were playing. Some of these actors include Heath Ledger, Robert De Niro, Nicolas Cage, Shia LaBeouf, Jared Leto, and of course, Daniel Day-Lewis, who needs to make another movie soon!

Method acting isn’t a new technique, but the idea of living the life of a character in order to give an honest performance has only gotten more popular in the last few decades. Some actors can take the technique a bit too far, however, pushing the limits of both themselves and those around them. Here are Screen Rant’s 10 Actors Who Almost Went Crazy in Their Roles.
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