10 Ridiculous Obscure Marvel Characters - Part 1

Marvel has a crazy number of characters in their comic book library — over 7,000 of them. We will never see the majority of these characters on the big screen. There are so many obscure characters out there, and a lot of them are absurdly silly. I've set out on search to find some of the most ridiculous Marvel characters that you might not have ever heard of. Here are the first set that I discovered, and there will be more to come. A lot of these would make hilarious movies!


Real Name: Drake Shannon

This guy wore an eyeball motorcycle helmet that contained a specialized micro-circuitry, capable of firing laser blasts and hypnotizing his victims. The helmet was designed by They Who Wield Power.

Without the helmet he was just a guy with "normal human strength, for a man of his size and build and he was criminally insane as a result of the accident which disfigured his face." He was also capable of hand-to-hand combat and was an expert motorcyclist.

White Rabbit

Real Name: Lorina Dodson

Aliases: Mistress of Mayhem, Queen of Crime, Thumper

White Rabbit is a criminal whose powers are listed as having the "normal strength of a human female that engages in regular exercise." She's got the hand-to-hand combat down, but what good is it if it's just normal human strength? And who doesn't have hand-to-hand combat in the Marvel universe?

As for weapons, she utilizes a wide array gadgets and technology, most notably razor-tipped umbrellas. It's looks like she'd get along with The Joker and Harley Quinn.


Aliases: Killer Whale, the Human Killer Whale, Weapon One

Orka is a mercenary with tremendous superhuman strength. He has stamina and durability, as well as enhanced speed and agility both on land in in water. He can lift up to 95 tons while wet and up to 75 tons while dry. 

Why is he called Orka? Because he can communicate with and command killer whales using different sounds. He can control up to 100 whales at once. Even though he can survive outside of water, if he's out of it too long he starts to become emotionally and mentally unstable.


Real Name: Eugene Paul Patilio

Basically, the guy's frog suit has electrical coils that give him the Ability to leap great distances and internal padding that allows him to bounce off objects without getting hurt. He's kind of an annoying character, but I guess he was meant to be funny.


Alias: Skull-Brother

The Bi-Beast is an advanced android that has superhuman strength, stamina and durability. He also has an extensive knowledge of Avian warfare and culture, but has no knowledge of science. Oh! And he has two heads. His upper head has extensive knowledge of Avian warfare and his lower head has knowledge of the culture.

The character is described as "just another idea for something powerful/impressive enough to fight the Hulk."


Real Name: Sybil Dvorak

Aliaes: Gypsy Moth, Sybarite

Skein is a Romanian actress and terrorist who not only started a cult, but also owned a sex club. This is one bad girl who dabbles in all kinds of wicked hobbies. She possesses the power of telekinesis, but is really restricted to just manipulating fibrous materials and soft-textured, malleable, yielding substances such as fabrics, silks, and human tissues.


This guy is a mute tailor who can paralyze people with his hypnotic gaze. One of his listed abilities is that he's "remarkably spray, considering his age." Of course, we can't forget that he carries a three-foot long giant needle as his weapon! 

That's not all, folks. He would stalk young men who made the mistake of walking at night in the vicinity of his tailor shop. He would then proceed to petrify them with his gaze, and sew their mouths shut with the needle. Don't mess with the Needle!


Gorgolla basically led an invasion of Earth centuries ago and arranged for the Stonians to hide out as gargoyles. Yeah, they basically hid out on all the stone churches and no one seemed to notice or care. His name also sounds like a delicious Italian cheese! 


Real Name: Leland Owlsley

Before he became a criminal mastermind, the Owl was a financial advisor. After his criminal ties were exposed to the IRS, though, he started distributing Mutant Growth Hormones in the criminal underworld, because that's just what you do when life gets hard.

He has the ability to glide over short distances with a cape, acute hearing, and the best part — he can rotate his head 180 degrees and his eyes can move independently from each other. He also has retractable metal talons. That's a huge change from being a financial advisor. 


Real Name: Manuel Eloganto

So this guy is really just a Matador. He has no special superhero abilities. He's just extremely fit and agile and is trained in the art of bullfighting. Like all Matadors, he carries a sword with him.

He pissed a lot of people off due to his cruelty and brutality towards the bulls, and at one point a riot broke out during one of his performances. Manuel was rushed to the hospital, and after his recovery, he swore revenge upon all mankind. From that moment on, he vanished from sight, starting to make evil schemes. Oooooooo… scary. Better watch out for The Matador! 

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