10 Superhero Damsels Worth the Distress

No matter what his powers are, the most important thing a superhero can have is the love of a good woman. He needs to be able set all the world-saving and crime fighting aside and enjoy himself once in a while, and a loving partner can be essential to that. Plus, imperiling a hero’s love interest is an easy shortcut to narrative tension. Not all girlfriends are created equal, though. A good superhero girlfriend is supportive, of course, but also tough and smart, as they have to deal with a lot, like villains kidnapping them all the time. So who makes the cut?

GeekTyrant partnered with Green Label to bring you a list of the 10 coolest superhero girlfriends. We explore what makes a girlfriend great and give you the best versions of the characters and versions you might want to avoid. Here are...

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