10 True Stories That Inspired Terrifying Horror Films

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I enjoy a good horror movie, but there’s something about horror films that are based on true stories that makes them even scarier. The fact that something crazy like that actually happened in the real world makes the horror more real. It's like it could happen to you. 

Screen Rant has released a video that breaks down ten real stories that behind some of our favorite terrifying horror movies. These films include The Strangers, The Hills Have Eyes, Psycho, Scream, Zodiac, and more. Some of the films mentioned in the video might be considered more as psychological thrillers, but the events surrounding these stories are pretty horrific. 

Moviegoers have always been captivated by what they don't understand, and one of the biggest mysteries of human nature is a dark one: why do we kill? While there is a plethora of social science research into the issue of murder, it still fascinates writers and directors to this day, taking audiences along for the ride. It's no secret that bad guys appear in ilm, but finding out that a psychotic on-screen events were based on a true case drives home the point that monsters are very, very real. As you watch let us know your picks of Real Creepy Stories that Inspired movies in the comments section. Here are Screen Rant's 10 Real Stories Behind Terrifying Horror Films.
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