11 Interesting Details You Probably Never Noticed in THE MATRIX

The Playstation 2 dominated the gaming market in the early 2000s (this gamer talk is leading to The Matrix, I promise). Not only was this due to the quality games that were being released for the platform, but a large part of its success is thanks to the fact that the DVD player-equipped console was around the same price as standalone DVD units at that time. So the number of people buying the PS2 to play games was probably close to the amount of people buying it just so they could watch The Matrix on DVD. My brothers and I would have fallen smack in the middle of that imaginary venn diagram. The Matrix was on a constant loop in our house for a very long time. Even though I’ve seen The Wachowskis’ sci-fi masterpiece countless times, watched the subsequent sequels (not nearly as many times but still a lot), and played all of the games, there are still details and easter eggs in the original movie that I was unaware of until today. In this video by Rob Ager, he points out 11 "interesting details" that you also may have missed. I only knew a few of these already, and a couple seem kind of frivolous, but the majority of them will definitely have you saying, “How did I miss that?” or, "Whoa." or, "I know Kung-fu." Ok, maybe not that last one.

Enjoy the video, and thanks to io9 for taking us down the rabbit hole.

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