14 Fun Facts About MONSTER SQUAD

Monster Squad is a 1980s masterpiece. I don't know any kid from the 80s that didn't grow up loving the hell out of this movie. Over the years it's gained quite a big cult following. The movie was directed by Fred Dekker, who also co-wrote the script with Iron Man 3 director Shane Black. It was so funny watching this movie when I was older because I had no idea how dark and dirty it was when I was a kid. Here are 14 fun facts about the movie that you may or may not know. 

  • According to Dekker, Black's first draft of the screenplay was so huge that the opening of the film featured Van Helsing accompanied by zeppelin's and hundreds of men on horseback storming Dracula's castle. Dekker stated that this sequence would have cost more than the final budget of the film.
  • There was an idea for a sequel called Monster Squad vs. Godzilla.
  • The opening sequence features two armadillos in Dracula's castle as an homage to Bela Lugosi's Dracula, which also featured armadillos.
  • In the treehouse scene, the boys were supposed to be reading Playboys, but this was changed to comics later.
  • The movie was criticized for not being politically correct due to the language and insults the boys use. The director rejected this by pointing out that boys of this age do not use politically correct language in the real world.
  • Screech (Dustin Diamond) from Saved by the Bell has a small part as a kid selling comics that was cut from the final film. 
  • The movie wasn't released on DVD until 20 years after the movie was released in theaters.
  • The director said his inspiration for the film was simply [The Little Rascals] meet the Universal monsters.
  • No one remembers where Dracula's car came from or where it went.
  • Tom Noonan, the actor who played Frankenstein, was a method actor and would stay in character on set, meaning he wasn't very chatty.
  • Gillman or the Creature form the Black Lagoon was played by Tom Woodruff Jr., who also played a xenomorph in four Alien films.
  • Liam Neeson was paid to be in a small role in the film, but the scenes were never shot. The actor was also considered for the role of Dracula.
  • The Wolfman was played by Jon Fries, who was also Uncle Rico in Napoleon Dynamite.
  • The movie only made $3.7 million and was in theaters for only 2 weeks. It only made back a quarter of its budget, so the movie [bombed] bad. 

Via: Imdb and Break

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