1992’s Crystal Pepsi Is Coming Back!

Pepsi recently announced that their 1992 novelty soda, Crystal Pepsi, is going to return, and this time, it will be caffeinated! I loved Crystal Pepsi and was pretty bummed out when I couldn’t buy it anymore. 

Starting today, December 10th, Pepsi will send a free six-pack out to 13,000 lucky winners who downloaded Pepsi's customer rewards app, which is called Pepsi Pass. After that, Crystal Pepsi will allegedly be released in stores nationwide next July. 

Crystal Pepsi superfan Kevin Stralhe, better known as the L.A. Beast, has been trying to get Pepsi Co. to revive the classic soda for years. The company hand delivered the very first six-pack to him in appreciation of his commitment to the beverage. 

Below you’ll find the announcement video promoting its return along with a video from L.A. Beast showing off his clear six-pack. I love that next summer I’ll be drinking Crystal Pepsi again! I’ll be keeping the fridge stocked! 

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