2 DOCTOR STRANGE TV Spots and Director Says It Will Be Darker Than Any Other Marvel Film

Marvel has released a couple new TV spots for Doctor Strange and each one offers some brief new footage. I feel like I've been waiting forever for this movie because I've wanted it to happen for so long! I love what I've seen from the film so far and according to director Scott Derrickson, it's going to be the darkest and most serious Marvel movie yet. During a Reddit Q&A he said:

“It is a bit darker and more serious than other Marvel movies. I think the connection between my horror films and this film is the balance of the supernatural/fantastical with very realistic, grounded characters.”

I'm curious to see this dark and serious tone because I personally haven't seen anything in terms of that that we already haven't seen in a Marvel film. One thing I do know from what I've seen, though, is that this movie is going to be one of the studio's most visually stunning! To help enhance that, there is going to be over an hour of footage that was shot in IMAX!

Doctor Strange will be released in theaters on November 4th! 

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