2 Separate Scripts Being Written for AQUAMAN

MovieAquamanby Joey Paur

Warner Bros. is ready to get Aquaman on the fast track to production. They want it so bad that they've hired two writers to write two different scripts for the film. The screenwriters hired are Will Beall (Castle, Gangster Squad) and Kurt Johnstad (300, Act of Valor, 300: Rise of an Empire).

Obviously Aquaman's release date is somewhere in the full list of release date that the studio announced recently that ranges from 2016 to 2020. It's also just more confirmation to me that Aquaman will at least be introduced in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, since that is the film that is really going to set up the DC cinematic universe. 

The news comes from THR who explains using two writers saying, "Aquaman is being developed on dual tracks, where studios and producers hire two separate writers to work on the same project in the hopes of getting the best version. The practice allows for release dates to be set while a project is still in development while giving it a muscular push."

This must be the greatest news for all of you Aquaman fans out there! You're going to actually get a standalone film. Now if only the studio could get James Cameron to direct and Vincent Chase (Character from Entourage) to star.