20 Great Movie Scenes the Actors Hated Shooting

VideosMovie by Joey Paur

Believe it or not, making movies is hard work! A lot of the actors cast in these movies are put through some very strenuous situations to get the shots that the director is going for. ScreenRant has released a fun new video that lists 20 great scenes that the actors hated shooting. Some of the movies on the list include Captain America: Civil War, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Mad Max: Fury Road, The Exorcist, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Evil Dead, and more. 

It’s been said that pain is temporary, but film is forever. Perhaps that’s why some of cinema’s best scenes come from making actors suffer. Whether it’s being put in a barrel with raw fish or having to eat it, saying something nasty about another character or sharing a sex scene with them, there are plenty of things that can make an actor uncomfortable on set. If they’re lucky the scene can be done in just a few takes, but some of these scenes can take literally months.
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