Fall TV update and discussion

by Joey Paur

I just wanted to talk about a few shows that I have watched so far. TV is great I love that it is 85% back. It will jump up to 100% as soon as LOST and 24 find their way back to my glorious glowing DLP.

Prison Break:

I have to say it is kind of loosing my interest. I really enjoyed the first couple seasons but this season I'm just not feelin it. I find my self doing other things while watching the show. It just hasn't grabbed me. There also a few things that have just been bugging me about the show. It seems the acting has gotten worse. The story line is just over the top ridicules. The big black assassin guy does not fit the part he is playing. I don't buy into his character at all. And early in the season Michael got his crazy ass tattoo removed perfectly in one sitting. For some reason that bugged the hell out of me. I honestly don't know if I'll make it through the season.


This show has just gotten a hell of a lot better. They are really starting to answer some questions and filling in gaps. The one thing that kind of bugged me was the whole Sylar mother son thing. I really didn't buy into it but its not distracting me from the other parts of the story. Hiro used to be one of my favorite characters, but now I see the guy as an egotistic moron that only thinks about himself. The guy should have left well enough alone. I would love to see Sylar go full on good guy but I don't think it will happen. He is working something out in his head I just don't know what it is. He seems way to passive. As much as it sounds like I'm complaining I really like where the characters are going. I am excited to see where they eventually end up.


I don't watch this show all the time. I really could care less if I missed an episode. I even missed the season premier. The thing is every time I do watch it I love it. I caught last night's episode and thought it was pretty damn good. They always come up with the craziest medical shit that I find so interesting, but not interesting enough to make it a must watch TV show.


I am still on the edge with this show. I love it but at the same time I don't. Every time I watch it I am instantly brought back to The X-Files. It is so much like that show but I think X-File's was much better. To me it seems like Fringe is trying to hard. I enjoy watching it! I love the concept but it has yet to just blow me away. My biggest hang-up is Joshua Jacksons character. I am fine with his acting it's the character that brings it down for me. It seems every episode he and his father go through the exact same dialogue over and over. Son "Your crazy dad! You can't just do that?" Father "Yes I can! You don't understand me! I need a root beer float". I am so ready for this little father son relationship to move on to something else which it looks like it will after the last episode. Did anyone else notice the bald guy wearing a bald cap? It stuck out like a sore thumb. Who is the bald guy anyway? Alien or ex-super soldier? I wish I could eat like he ate that sandwich though. I'm having fun watching the show I am looking forward to it getting better. They have only scratched the surface.

The Sheild:

Holy crap I love his show! This season is going to close with one hell of a shit storm. I am hooked on this show till the end. I have a couple theories on different ways it could end. I think most people think Vic is going down, but how? He will either be killed, go to prison, or go to prison then get killed. Through the whole series Vic has been all about his family and protecting them trying to keep it together. The guy loves his family no doubt which is why I think Vic is going to go through the worst pain, experience, and torture of his life. I think his family is going to get killed, all because of the mistakes he has made. In the end it will cost the lives of the people he loves. That is the worst punishment Vic can receive. Anything else would be a slap on the wrist. This is just my theory take it however you want.

Tonight I am looking forward to watching a couple great shows. ‘Pushing Daisy's' is back and I have really been looking forward to it. I will also be tuning in to watch another episode of ‘Ghost Hunters' this show has been great this season! I would love to go out with these guys and hunt some ghosts. My brothers and I have done it on our own and caught some pretty cool EVP's. If you haven't seen it you should definitely watch it.


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