Captain America Has been Found in The Incredible Hulk!

by Joey Paur

As you know Captain America has been making it rounds in the Marvel movie Universe. First in Iron Man with it sitting on one of Tony Starks work tables. Then we heard we were going to see him frozen in ice at the very end of 'The Incredible Hulk' but the scene ended up being cut out. It looks like it has made its way onto the DVD though! Filmschoolrejects got themselves an early copy of the DVD and found it. Here is a screen shot of Captain America laying frozen in Ice. You can see he full body and sheild:

That looks like Captain America and his shield to me. Personally I think its pretty undeniable. As director Louis Leterrier promised back in June.

"It's an Easter egg... It's the real deal. You have to look for it,"

It to bad this never made it to the final cut. I think the fans would have gone ape shit. I even thing Hulk would have made more money had they put this little ester egg in the film. Now the scene has been reduced to a alternate opening sequence. Ropes of silicon also confirms this, and here is a shot for shot of the scene:

What do you think? 

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