J.J. Abrams Star Trek Movie trailer hitting theaters in November

by Joey Paur

I honestly can't wait to see what this movie ends up being! We have hardley seen anything for it, so it is hard to make any kind of judgments without seeing anything. I think everyone fits their roles perfectly, other than that who knows. Abrams is very secretive with his projects, is why we have not seen much, but the vail of secrecy is about to be lifter. J.J. Abrams is a pretty talented guy so I am hoping for the best.

According to trekmovie.com through a reliable source they say that next month in November we are going to get to see a FULL Trailer for the new Star Trek Movie! This will not be a teaser trailer, this is going to be the real thing. Here is what they say we can expect to see:

Edits are still being made, but it is expected to show the Enterprise exterior and the Enterprise bridge as well as dialog from movie. Which weekend in November the trailer will be released is still up in the air.

Following the release of this trailer Parmount/Dreamworks is going to unleash the marketing monster. We will start to see more and more images and interviews with cast and crew.

I honestly think this movie is going to blow people away, even the hard core Star Trek fans. I am looking forward to seeing what this trailer is going to look like. It will be our first real look! Very exciting.

No one is sure when it will open up in November or with what movie. Only time will tell.

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