Dr. Venkman Reviews: Mavel Animations 'HULK VS. THOR'

by Joey Paur

As you may of may not know Marvel Animations next superhero DVD project that will be coming out January of next year is a HULK VS. double feature! ‘Hulk Vs. Wolverine' and ‘Hulk Vs. Thor'. This year at Comic Con Marvel showed the whole Hulk Vs. Wolverine movie and everyone just ate it up. If you were one of the lucky asses that got to see it you know what I'm talking about. I wrote up two reviews for that movie a non-spoiler and a major spoiler. I recently had the opportunity to go and watch the second part of this double feature.

That's right folks, I have seen Hulk Vs. Thor, and I am here to tell you this movie kicks major ass! As amazing as 'Hulk Vs. Wolverine' was, I liked 'Hulk Vs. Thor' even more. It is really one of the best animated shows that Marvel has ever done. Ever! Anybody that loves movies, animation, and comic books is going to enjoy the living hell out of Hulk Vs. Thor. This creative team takes you into the world of Asgard like you have never seen it before.

They take you into Asgard, the realm of the gods. For ages that douche bag Loki the trickster has been trying to find a way to defeat his much more powerful stepbrother, Thor. Now it looks like Loki may have found a way to finally get the best of Thor and destroy him. Out of all the glorious battles Thor has fought, in all the nine realms, there is only one creature that has ever been able to match his strength who happens to be a mortal monster of Midgard known as The Hulk! With the almighty king of the gods Odin taking one of his deep regenerative naps, and the forces protecting Asgard at their weakest, Loki is finally ready to pounce on Thor and defeat him once and for all. He brings The Hulk to Asgard and uses him to devastate Thor. In an epic battle that will pit gods against monsters, only The Mighty Thor can hope to prevail. But to do so he must survive a perilous journey that will take him into the very depths of the underworld itself.

Once the Hulk is unleashed on Asgard all hell breaks loose. Thor and Hulk really battle it out in this flick. Good lord the fight scenes are brutally hard core! It is so fun to watch these two guys try to destroy each other. The fight scenes are choreographed incredibly well you can tell the creative team had a blast planning this whole thing out. I don't want to spoil this movie for anybody, it is one of those movies you just have to see for yourself to be able to appreciate the awesomeness that it is. But, as the fight scenes go just to give you an idea, one of my favorite parts is where Hulk smashes Thor into the side of a mountain leaving a crater. As Thor tries to get out The Hulk gets in Thor's face and begins to continually bash Thor over and over and over again until Thor smashes through the other side of the mountain. These two guys really kick the living shit out of each other.

The Animation is beautiful. It really is some of the best traditional animation I have seen from any production company in a long time. The designs and style are fantastic. They nailed the look of these characters so well, and you are going to get to see some other great characters brought to life. If your one of those guys that gets off on cartoon characters then you're going to love Amora. This movie has some great surprises for you.
I also really enjoyed the voice acting in the film. The voices really fit the characters and they did a great job bringing the characters to life. The story was great and the dialogue was fun. The film was put together by the same creative team that worked on ‘The Invincible Iron Man' and ‘Dr. Strange'. Produced and Story by Craig Kyle, Directed and Story by Frank Paur. Marvel has got a great thing going on right now with there animated projects. They have a very talented and creative team. I can't wait to see what they come up with after ‘Planet Hulk'.

Even if you you're not a fan of Hulk or Thor I think you are still going to enjoy watching this movie. This is the movie that will make you fans. I know most people out there are excited for ‘Hulk Vs. Wolverine' and I think most people are going to buy the DVD for that, but I am telling all that you are in for a pleasant surprise when you watch ‘Hulk Vs. Thor'. Out of the two films I enjoyed Hulk vs. Thor just a little bit more.

This is a must watch movie for any geek. If you have not yet seen the trailer for ‘Hulk Vs. Thor' then check it out below. It hits the streets Jan. 2009.

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