Twilight Sequel is getting prepped

by Joey Paur

Is this really a big surprise though? Not to me. I'm am not even a fan, have never read the books but I knew as soon as I saw that rabid crowd of tweens and teens I knew this franchise was going to blow up. The sound track has not even been released yet and it is already on top 5 best selling albums. That drops November 4th. Border books made an exclusive calendar that sold out in a couple of days, and in less than 48 hours of the new Twilight trailer being released, it had 3.5. million views. This thing is blowing up and the hype is out of control.

The movie is set to come out November 21st, but guess what? According to Deadline Hollywood Summit Entertainment CEO Rob Friedman is getting the Twilight sequel ready to go. I guess they want to punch it out as soon as they can. This is one of those rare films that they know is going to be a hit. So now they are getting the sequel prepped up.

Twilight has the fastest selling licensed merchandise since Harry Potter. This thing is blowing up in ways that I don't think anyone expected. Summit got themselves a winner. This is huge for such a small independant production company. Now it all rests on weather or not the movie is up to the Twilight fans standards. If it is it will make a mountain of money. If the fans don't think it's up to par then like any hardcore fan they will turn against it.

My wife is a big fan of the series I just have so many other books i want to read I know i will never get around to reading them. You also wont see me at this movie, thats for sure. But I wont matter. It will still kill at the box office. They are hoping the movie makes $20 million opening weekend. I think it is going to make much more than that.

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