UPDATED: Milla Jovovich WILL NOT Star in 'Clock Tower'

by Joey Paur




I went ahead and contacted Milla Jovovich's reps and asked them if this 'Clock Tower' casting information was true, here is the response I recieved:

No, she won't be. I spoke to her last night. I don't know who bloody-disgusting.com thinks confirmed it for them, but they're wrong.

There you have it folks Bloody-Disgusting got some bogus information. So I guess that Means Brittany Snow is still going to headline 'Clock Tower'

Well, it looks like Milla Jovovich has been cast as the lead in 'Clock Tower'. 'Clock Tower' is based on the Capcom video game. This will be the second Capcom film franchise that Jovovich will star in. She also played the lead role in 'Resident Evil'. This news comes form Bloody-Disgusting. This is kind of interesting casting. Not to long ago Brittany Snow was cast as the lead. The character's name is Alyssa Barron and she is 18 years old in the video game, so Brittany Snow seems to fit that age range a bit better. She is 22 years old, and Jovovich is 32 years old a long way from 18. Don't get me wrong! I love Milla Jovovich! But, I don't know if she fits the part. Whatever, they will make it work. Its a better choice than Brittany Snow anyway. If you don't know what Clock Tower is about here is a little summary for you:

Clock Tower is a survival horror video game series created by Human Entertainment and continued by Sunsoft. The series plays like a horror film and unlike other survival horrors, the Clock Tower series does not focus on shooting creatures or using violence, but rather using your surroundings to hide and escape while solving puzzles and following the twisting storyline. The main character is usually quite helpless compared to the villains, so the main emotional connection to the game is the fear of being captured or discovered.

A woman is tormented by an evil that has haunted her family for generations, but the only man who believes her is the psychiatrist she meets in a mental institution. Together they must find the source of her family's damnation and then fight for their lives, until the curse is finally laid to rest.

This could end up being a very fun movie. Can't wait to see what they do with it.

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