Another 'Star Trek' Photo Exclusive

by Joey Paur

Here it is folks, most of the new Star Trek cast in action on the bridge, thanks to UGO above and MTV below. Co-Producer David Lindelof made some comments regarding the photo below and what the Star Trek Fans can take from it. Check out what he has to say below the Pic. After that there are a few more Pics for you all.

- The set you see in the photo is the bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise, and not a training room.


- When asked why Kirk was wearing black instead of the standard yellow captain's shirt, Lindelof said that the black uniform was, in fact, a captain's uniform - and the color was "significant" to the story surrounding this scene.


- It's no coincidence that Kirk and Sulu are looking a bit ragged in this scene, and Lindelof hinted that the fight they appear to have gotten into might have been with each other.

Uh oh. Check.

- Abrams was insistent that every piece of equipment on the bridge serve a legitimate purpose

Why wouldn't it? Check.

- that they all have "functionality." According to Lindelof, the maps we see in the background near the top of the communications desk were based on the generally accepted layout of the Star Trek universe.

Well of course. Check.

- While Lindelof said the "red shirt" crew member we see in the photo isn't significant herself, fans can probably make some predictions about her fate given the color of the uniform she's wearing.

She dies. Check.

So there ya have it folks. This is a much better look than the Entertainment Weekly cover we posted earlier. I really like the colors, brightness and style. For me this is a great first impression. What is it for you?

Here are some more!

From AICN - Vulcan Death Grip!

From JoBlo - Eric Bana as Romulan Villain

From Trek Movie - U.S.S. Kelvin being destroyed