'Franklyn' Sci-Fi neo-noir thriller Trailer

by Joey Paur

Venkman here with a pretty cool Trailer for a film that I am sure not many people have heard of. It's called 'Franklyn' a Sci-Fi neo noir thriller. The movie really has an amazing cast as well. Ryan Phillippe stars as the masked vigilante, Jonathan Preest. It also stars Eva Green, Bernard Hill, and 'Controls' Sam Riley. Not sure what the movie is about? Here is a story run down for you:

Franklyn follows four intertwining stories, Set between contemporary London, and the futuristic religion-dominated Meanwhile City. One of the title characters, Preest, is a sort-of masked vigilante detective who's the only atheist in Meanwhile City, played by Ryan Phillippe, who works to extract people from cults, has a big cynicism about the whole thing and hates The Ministry with a vengeance. He has vowed revenge on Meanwhile City's leader; Emilia (Eva Green), a privileged young artist whose difficult relationship with her mother fuels her cynicism and depression; Milo (Sam Riley), a sensitive young man whose heart has been recently broken; and Peter (Bernard Hill), a deeply religious man who has come to London in search of his missing son, a troubled Gulf War veteran.

The movie sure has the makings of a cult classic. I would compare to films such as 'Equilibrium', 'Darkman', and 'V for Vendetta'. All movies I really liked so I am looking for to watching this movie. It has yet to find a US distributer.  Hopefully it gets one. Until then who knows when it will be released. Check out the trailer below! What do you think?

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