Holy Hell! Sam Raimi, Ridley Scott, and Leonardo DiCaprio Team up For 'Sleeper'!

by Joey Paur

Warner Bros has really put together an amazingly talented team for this movie! Sam Raimi has been wanteing to get this off the ground for some time now and he is going to be producing. Ridley Scott is set to direct and Leonardo DiCaprio will star. 

'Sleeper' is based on the Comic Book of the same name, which is published by DC Comics and created by Ed Brubaker. 

Sleeper revolves around a man by the name of Holden Carver, a.k.a. The Conductor who is placed undercover in Tao's criminal organization after being fused with an alien artifact that makes him impervious to pain, gives him a powerful healing factor, and allows him to store pain he receives and pass it on to others through skin contact. Holden hates these abilities and constantly wishes to be rid of them. 

I think this movie has the potential to be great with the people that are now involved with it. Variety reports that Brad Ingelsby has been set to write the script. 

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