'Conan' offcially to be flushed down the crapper by The Rat

by Joey Paur

I announce to you with a heavy heart confirmation from AICN that Brett Ratner is officially directing the new 'Conan' movie. It was a rumor not to long ago and I hate the fact that this rumor is no longer a rumor. I really do not understand why Hollywood keeps letting this guy come in and ruin movies. 

The Rat is going to to come out and say "I love the material, I have been a fan forever, and I have always dreamed of working with oiled up muscular men." But here is the real reason why he was brought on the gig... he is Hollywoods Whore. As Moriarty puts it:

Oh, Brett... why do you want to hurt me? Why do you want to make this movie? Please, please, please tell me it's because you have a genuine passion for the material and not just because it's a start date and a financing package that's ready to go. Please tell me that you really care about the character and its history, and not that it's just "Hey, I recognize that name."

Of course he is going to tell us he has a genuine passion, and he cares about the history, but the fact of the matter is when he say's it he will be lying like a douche bag. 

The only hope we have is that the script for the film is iron Clad, and all he has to do is point and shoot. But even The Rat can't do that very well. IF Conan ends up being a halfway decent film I give full credit to the screenwriters. 

I really was hoping for a awesome Conan movie. With the Rat Behind the camera my excitement level has dropped to... well, I could care less now.

Come on Lionsgate and Millennium Films! Out of every other talented director in the world to choose from you chose one of the worst directors out of the bunch. Why? Did you really need a whore?

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