Dr. Venkman Reviews: 'Dead Space: Downfall' DVD

by Joey Paur

Here we have a really good, and incredibly disturbing animated sci-fi Horror film! ‘Dead Space: Downfall' is a full-length film which serves as a very cool prequel to the video game that was just unleashed onto the world. Just in time for Halloween, this movie serves up a nice big plate of blood, guts, and sci-fi monster horror.

Weather you are a fan of Dead Space, animation, horror, or science fiction this is one of those movies that just hits your geek glands in all the right places. It is ultra violent and very clever in the way they execute the story and action sequences. This animated movie does not hold back on the blood, violence, and action. The creative team really takes it to a whole new level on American animated violence.

The film takes place on a spacecraft during a mining mission. They uncover an ancient artifact that they think may prove the existence of God. The only problem is it seems like it proves more of the existent of the devil. It's like a Pandora's Box and the crew just opened it. The crew remove the artifact from its resting place and bring it onto the ship, because it sounded like a good idea at the time. So what happens? Only one of the worst things imaginable. A long-dormant alien race is unleashed on the ship, to viciously tear apart, and take over every human on board. The crew is totally unprepared for this madness, and it turns into one hell of a crazy blood bath battle for survival. A little slice of heaven that transforms the spacecraft into a living hell.

I had a great time watching this movie. The action comes at you really fast and once it starts there is no letting up. One scene after another you get bombarded with fun badassery as you follow a small group of soldiers trying to survive the carnage that beats down on them.

The animation is really good. There are some very cool shots throughout the film, mostly in the action sequences, which is most of the movie anyway. The background art is very good and I really liked the CG animation and designs. The story is fine. It is a bit choppy in places. Most of the films faults are probably due to money and time restraints. You never know what goes on in the background unless you're a part of it. If your a geek that holds a job then you know deadlines are a bitch.

Just to give you an idea, if I were to compare this movie to any other film it would be ‘Event Horizon'. ‘Dead Space: Downfall' is actually a better film than most of the horror films Hollywood has been releasing in theaters recently. 

Dead Space: Downfall was developed by Film Roman (The Simpsons, King of the Hill), Electronic Arts, and Anchor Bay Entertainment. It was directed by Chuck Patton and Produced by Joe Goyette and Robert Weaver. It hits the streets October 28th. For mature geeks only. 

This movie is definitely worth watching. Check out the trailer below.






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