Colbert chooses Spiderman as Running Mate

by thedude

As you may or may not know, Stephen Colbert is running for President in the Marvel Universe. He was shunned by the real world, and has found refuge in another. Apparently these pics have been popping up all over the Marvel Universe for the past several months.

Colbert '08 Easter Egg from MS. MARVEL #29   Colbert '08 Easter Egg from NEW WARRIORS #11   Colbert '08 Easter Egg from PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL #21   Colbert '08 Easter Egg from X-FACTOR #32

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It was just announced that Stephen will be fully featured in issue 573 of "The Amazing Spiderman" due out Oct 15. This will not be the first time Colbert will appear in a Spidey comic, he had a cameo in "The Amazing Spiderman; 15" not too long ago, but this does mark his first feature in a comic book. It will look a little something like this;

ASM #573 Variant Cover

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