'Dr. Strange' movie could happen by 2012

by Joey Paur

It looks like Marvels Sorcerer Supreme Dr. Strange is going to get the movie magic treatment. This is a character I have always wanted to see brought to life. He is an interesting and powerful character to play with. Marvel Animation made a direct to DVD animated movie about Dr. Strange and it was awesome! It would be so cool to see how they would pull this off live action style.

Marvel President Kevin Feige talks a little about the prospects of a Dr. Strange movie:

"I'd say in the next year, year and a half, as we start putting together our film slate for 2012 and 2013, I would not be shocked if we saw Dr. Strange on those lists. I love the idea of taping into the magical realm of the Marvel Universe, which is fairly significant and hasn't yet seen life on screen.

It seems like such a long time to wait. It would be pretty amazing to bring this character into the Marvel movie universe that has been created. It would be interesting to see how they would bring it together in the world of realistic comic book movies.

"It's something I'm very, very interested in," he emphasized.

It sounds like this is going to happen. I don't see why they wouldn't it is a character everyone at Marvel I am sure would love to see come to life including Feige. There are a lot of people out their that don't know about Dr. Strange though. Some people may consider him on Marvels B list of superheroes. Well he shouldn't be, the character is one of Marvels best! If you don't know, then it's time to educate yourself.

"I remember two years ago at Comic Con the cover of the ‘LA Times Calendar Section,' read ‘Marvel calls out the B team' and there was a picture of Iron Man. We don't look at them as ‘B team.' Dr. Strange? This is one of the best characters we have. [He represents] this amazing cosmic universe to Marvel that we haven't played with in films yet and I think could be amazing to play with."

I agree 100%

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