'Watchmen' Ending has been changed for the Movie

by Joey Paur

I am a huge fan of ‘Watchmen'. the graphic novel is amazing this movie looks like it will be incredible. Everything I have seen looks fantastic. Zack Snyder has said time and time again that he was going to stay true to the source material, and everything that has been released it looks like he has stayed true to his word.

'Watchmen' recently had a test screening last week and reports are leaking out that the ending of the film is not the same as the ending in the graphic novel.

Before I move ahead in the article I have to tell you that I can really discuss this without revealing the ending. So this is a Major Spoiler. If you don't want to know then stop reading!




If you have read the graphic novel then you know it ends with a giant squid that is released in New York City by Veidt. Is that the ending you wanted for the film? Apparently WB and Snyder didn't.

So, the new ending that has leaked which has been pulled off of IMDB message boards is that Dr. Manhattan and Ozymandias build a machine that mimics Dr. Manhattan's powers and Ozymandia uses this machine to set off a bunch of atomic bomb explosions in various cities around the world.

Now I wonder if this is one of two endings that were shot because their have been people involved with the movie including cast members that mention a beast in the films climax. why would they say that is it's not true?

I have mixed feelings about this new ending. I can imagine the general audience hating the giant squid ending. Even when I read the novel I didn't expect it, but I thought it was great. I have a feeling it has been changed to appeal to the larger general audience that has not been educated in all things 'Watchmen'. There is a possiblility this new ending will work better for the movie thematically. It's important that it works in the context of the film. Look, I am trying to make myself feel better about all this. The hardcore fans are going to hate this news and are going to rant like no one has ever ranted before. I need to see it for myself before I make a final judgment. I hate that they feel they needed to change the ending. I just hope it doesn't screw up the story to bad. If you think about it, by changing the ending it means they had to change some of how the story develops to come to that new ending point. It has not killed the movie for me, I still think the movie is going to be great. I just can't get over the stuff I have seen so far. Has it killed the movie for you?

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