Marvel President talks about the Hulk Villian factor in 'The Avengers'

by Joey Paur

The talk online has been going nuts regarding The Hulk being the villain in ‘The Avengers' movie. If you remember it was Louis Leterrier that suggested the idea publically. Who knows who's idea it really was. I think the concept of The Hulk fighting the Avengers would be awesome, and so do several other geeks out there. But what does Marvel President Kevin Feige think?

"Here's the thing - it is all in the planning stages, but certainly if you look back to any number of ‘Hulk' comics, or ‘Avengers' comics, or ‘The Ultimates' comics or the ‘Ultimate Avengers' DVD that we released, it certainly makes a hell of a sequence,"

Why yes it does. I think Leterrier set up The Avengers Vs. Hulk movie perfectly at the end of ‘The Incredible Hulk ‘ When Tony Stark walks into the bar to talk to a defeated General Ross about the Avenger team. MTV goes on to say:

In fact, Leterrier went so far as to call that shot the first scene of "The Avengers" actually, it just makes TOO much sense - it wouldn't necessarily require Norton (just a lot of CGI), it would be a viable threat to the already assembled group (which wouldn't require an additional villain's story), and it could dovetail nicely with a "Hulk 2″ set-up (which Feige admitted in our chat was something they weren't planning in the moment.)

It would really suck if Norton was not involved, but it would surprise me if he didn't want to do it. I don't think he had the best time working with Marvel. That's what I heard!

"To have all of the Avengers going up against a green goliath?" he teased. "I think that would be very cool to see that on the screen."

It seems like Feige is pretty excited to see this happen. He is the president so what he says goes. I am pretty confident from everything I have heard that The Hulk will face off with The Avengers.

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