John Malkovich is so cool he can direct plays in any damn language he pleases

by thedude

And by God he is.

Actor/Writer/Producer/Director/AllaroundBadass John Malcovich will be directing the play "The Good Canary" yet again, and yet again, he will do it in a language he does not even know. Last time it was French, this time it will be Spanish. Kick Ass. I'm not going to pretend like we are big on plays here at GeetTyrant. Not Exactly our cup of tea. But what better way to convey the sheer awesomeness of The Malkovich?

Now if you ask me, and I'm going to pretend that you did, John Malkovich is an actor whose mere presence in a film automatically ups its ante. Case in point; Con Air was a mediocre film. Nick Cage on an airplane full of rebelious prisoners trying to save the day can only go so far. Because of Malkovich's performance I would watch the film again. Twice. On a weekend. He has a screen presence that is shared by few in the industry (though Christopher Walken does deserve honorable mention), and this is why we all secretly want to be John Malkovich (and if you dont yet, watch 1999's "Being John Malkovich" and you will shortly come around).

Anyway, if you just happen to be in Mexico City on or around November 26th or the ten weeks thereafter, go see "The Good Canary". It dosn't matter what it is about. John Malkovich will be there.

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