Seth Rogan Talks about 'The Green Hornet'

by Joey Paur

In this little interview with Seth Rogan, he talks about how they are in the very early stages of the development for 'The Green Hornet'. And goes on to talk about the story and how it will include the origin of The Green Hornet because 'No one knows anything about 'The Green Hornet'. In other interview he said that they would not tell an origin story, but I think with a movie like this when the audience doesn't no much about the character, it is appropriate.

It looks like Seth has really slimmed down. I guess he is getting ready for his role as Britt Reid. I am interested to see how this movie turns out. It is bound to be a lot of fun. Rogan himself said the tone of the film can be likened to 'True Lies'. I can see that.