My Bloody Valentine 3D Poster Bloody effing Sucks

by Joey Paur

I am not oppoased to 3D films unless the studio's use it as a silly ass gimmick to get poeple into movie theaters. There is a proper way to use this filmmaking technology and there are improper ways to abuse it as well. My Bloody Valentine is the perfect example of an improper way to use 3D technology. This movie has no class. This poster looks more like an advertisment for a new thrill ride opening up at Universal Studios. You can tell by this poster that this movie is going to be one of those films where there is a lot of shit flying toward you. They are really trying hard to target this thing to teens, and you know what it will probably make a decent amount of money.

This poster sucks. This movie is going to suck. The 3D is going to suck. You are going to suck if you spend money this movie.

'My Bloody Valentine' is a remake of the 1981 cult horror film. and unfortunately it will be released in theaters in January.
My Bloody Valentine 3-D Poster

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