Steven Spielberg's First Film AMBLIN

by Joey Paur

If you have ever been interested in what Spielbergs first movie was like then today is your lucky day. Here we have the full film to fulfill your curiosity. I saw a cut of this short film a couple years ago by a friend that had a VHS copy. I haven't seen it anywhere since. It has recently popped up online and I thought it would be cool to share the video with all you film geeks out there.

'Amblin' was made in 1968 for $15,000. He showed to the executives at Universal Pictures and they signed him to a deal. What a fantastic relationship they have had with each other since. The film is about 25 min long so sit back relax and enjoy the movie.

As you know by now 'Amblin' is also the name of the production company he started at Universal.

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