'Fanboys' release date gets pushed back to 2009

by Joey Paur

Will this movie EVER make it out into theaters!? What in the hell are the Weinsteins problem!? They have a fantastic movie, that already has a huge cult following and it has not even been released yet! It was suppose to come out this November, but now it is going to have to wait until Feb. 2009. I saw this movie about a year ago and loved it! Here is my Review. I don't know why 'Fanboys' had to go through this hell, but it has. They are killing this movie! They should have released it when the hype was high. It's now starting to die down. I don't think it will make as much money as it could have made a year ago.

The Weinsteins Co. has pushed back some of there other movies as well, such as 'Push', 'hes Just not that Into You', and 'Pink Panther 2'. Now just because 'Fanboys' is getting pushed back with these other films still doesn't make it OK. They tied this movie to the back of a Hummer and dragged it through mud, acid, razor wire, lemon juice, shit, and hell. The least they could do is release the damn movie!

Harvey Weinstein assures the LA Times that the date changes has nothing to do with the speculated poor financial health of the company, but instead the changes were made because early 2009 offers a better opportunity to be seen. Whatever.