First Look: 'Angles & Demons'

by Joey Paur

Whats up!? So check these out. The first official promo photos from Ron Howard and Tom Hanks' 'Angels & Demons' Movie. As you know this is a follow=up movie to the blockbuster hit 'The Da Vinci Code', which made $758 million! These pics come from usatoday with a little article. One of the firt things they mention in the article is Hanks hairstyle:

"It's totally different" from Hanks' slicked-back coif of the original, insists producer Brian Grazer. "It's better. Everything is more contemporary. "

Good, because I don't know what the hell was going on with that hair. If you don't know already 'Angels & Demons' is about the same character from the first movie and book Robert Langdon who discovers a conspiracy to destroy the Vatican. Check out the pics below and make sure to check out the article.


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